Hunting Season in Moi where anything’s game

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When we Moi hunt, we often take our whole family along. So on this particular hunting trip, I took my wife, our baby girl, our 4 year old daughter, plus my wife’s sister and her husband. We left here. We walked till we got to the Dagea river. After we hiked a ways, I said, “Take my small string bag for me, and I will head off in a different direction.”
Upon getting to the Wadi creek, the hunting dogs with me started howling. The hunting dogs, Tatemani and Botai, they started howling. I started to run, and as I got closer to them, I saw there was a wild boar. My arrow met its mark! It died! I wrapped vines around its legs and snout. My brother-in-law had heard the dogs howling, so he had joined me by then and he carried the boar. We got to where the sisters were and left the boar with them. I left with the dogs to hunt some more.
I walked and walked and walked, and upon getting to Gitendii mountain top, I saw a big monitor lizard (pictured below) climbing up a big tree, so I climbed up after it with my bow and the two bamboo arrows I had left. I climbed higher and higher and upon getting to the top of the tree, my arrows fell to the ground! “My, my, my,” I thought. “What will I shoot with now that my arrows fell to the ground? I thought. “Well, ok, “ I thought. I sat there looking at the monitor that was sitting on a branch right above my head, with its tail hanging down between the branches. “Ok, Creator God, it’s ok. If this is the day that you will give it to me, I’ll be eating it later on,” I prayed.
The tail came a bit lower, and I quietly climbed up a bit and slowly reached out my hand. Grabbed it! Grabbed the tail. Upon grabbing the tail, I broke off a branch close by with my other hand. After breaking off the branch, I clubbed the monitor’s head. It died. “Wow, thank you, Creator God. Since this is the day you wanted me to eat it, you gave it to me, thank you. Because you were thinking about mankind, you made snakes, tree marsupials, and birds for us to eat. Because you created those things, today I got one and will eat it. Creator God, you gave it to me, so I thank you,” I prayed.
So then I put it in my string bag. After putting it in my string bad, I headed back to where everyone else was in the jungle and we cooked the boar and the monitor together in the same bundle with greens and large leaves wrapped around them and hot rocks on top. When they were cooked, we ate the monitor but smoked the boar to eat later.
In the morning, I left to hunt again. At one point in the jungle, the dogs started howling again, so I went to look and it was a yimina, tree kangaroo. I shot it with an air rifle that I had gotten from the city. Dead! It fell to the ground and I put it in my string bag. Then the dogs and I kept going. We got farther along and the dogs started howling again, so I climbed up to where they were howling, and I looked. It was a wild boar! I shot it with my arrow but missed the mark so it ran it away. I looked and looked and looked for it and found it. Shot it again. It was so mad, I thought, “My, my, my, Creator God it is about to bite me. That’s ok, it’s up to you. If this day is the day you’ve set for me to die, then that boar will be able to bite me,” I thought that. I chased it to the river and threw a rock at it. Unsuccessful! It went up the river edge, so I quietly followed it up, tip toe-ing along. I grabbed it and hit its head with a rock till it died. The dogs finished the job. Tied it up with vines and carried it to the river. I said, “Thank you, Creator God, wow, you gave a boar to me, you gave a yimina to me, thank you, Creator God!” I cleaned out the intestines to eat later, and put the boar inside a pool of water. I looked down to see what time it was, and my watch had broken off and was lost. I thought, “Oh no, oh no.”
I started back to where everyone was; I was so hungry. I got back to the rest of my group and ate meat. My brother in law had shot some birds and tree marsupials. Then we went to sleep. (Bumani’s recent hunting experience, family pictured)


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