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New Testament for the Ache

Posted by Jared and Diana Jantz in Ministry on Oct 24th, 2014 | Comments Off

How thankful we are for friends who continue to serve in Paraguay, South America –for those who faithfully worked with the Ache – and for the privilege of serving with them for a while!

We recently heard the news that this very weekend in Asuncion and Chupa Pou – (an Ache community in the department of Canindeyú) – there is going to be an Ache New Testament dedication.

1796517_703122736431735_3991914466699510417_n[1]This project, the Ache Bible translation, was started by LETRA Paraguay in 2005. It has taken time and finances; and people who invested themselves in it.

Although this is an extremely exciting event and celebration, the “project” is not finished. LETRA Paraguay will continue the translation of the major books in the Old Testament as funds become available.

Please pray for this celebration and praise HIM for the great works that HE has accomplished.

**Photograph credit given to – Main image photographer: Bjarne Fostervold and two images in blog: LETRA Paraguay

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Spiritual Emphasis Week

Posted by Crystal Pierce in Ministry, News Article on Oct 24th, 2014 | Comments Off

Each year our Missionary Kid School has a Spiritual Emphasis Week, the junior high & high school students get to go to a special camp, and the kindergardners through sixth grade stay in the city at the school and have three days of fun.  The teachers asked me to share with the kids this year for three days.  And I had a blast!  I shared from the first three chapters of Daniel and we talked about how God uses ordinary people, God answers prayers, and even if He doesn’t answer our prayers, He is still the one true God.  I loved the opportunity to share with these kids.  Normally I don’t really hang out with the students because my ministry is here at the Ranch, so it was a wonderful time to get to know the kids better and have a connection to them.

Here is a photo of myself with the five elementary school teachers & the kids.


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Next Surgery on Monday

Posted by Jon and Adie Leedahl in Family, Ministry, Prayer Requests on Oct 24th, 2014 | Comments Off

Jon got to go out for a long time and we took him out to eat!!

Jonathan did well in surgery yesterday. The swelling in his stump is reducing. His next surgery will be on Monday, when they will hopefully start to close the wound. A plastic surgeon will be there in case there is a need for skin grafts.

The doctors will be reading the MRI that was done on Jon’s knee. Pray that they will be able to see everything clearly. Pray that God will give them wisdom to know how to best operate on Jon’s knee. It may be a couple of months before they will operate on his knee.

Today the doctors started pushing IV fluids on Jon, as his urine output became very low. Please Pray that his kidneys continue to do what they need to do and that his output will soon be back in the normal range.

Adie would like us to PRAISE THE LORD for giving Jon a high pain tolerance threshold. The pain management team met with Jon this morning and noted that he is not taking much pain medication, even though there are many options open to him. Jon said that he does feel pain but that it is not unbearable, and he will ask for pain medication when he needs it.

Thank you for all your continued support and prayers.

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Dimapatai Clearly Sees

Posted by Bryan and Martha Conard in Ministry on Oct 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

Last week we got to meet Dimapatai.  I wish it had been in person.  Someday.  We met him through this short video.  He may speak a different language, live in different kind of house, wear different clothes and eat different food that we do but the fellowship is so sweet and so intimate when hearing him speak about his Saviour.  You will be blessed by the clarity with which he understands God’s pursuit of us and His loving care for His childen.

Dimapatai met his Saviour face to face just a couple weeks ago.

Discipleship to this level starts with a deep understanding of God in the Word.  Pray for us as we participate in discipleship here at NTBI.


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Posted by Paul and Susan Olmstead in Family, Ministry, Prayer Requests, PSAAZ Blog, Uncategorized on Oct 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

As I was reading today’s Unreached People Group from The Joshua Project (http://joshuaproject.net/people_groups/14351/CB), I suddenly felt extremely overwhelmed once again.  I must admit, right or wrong, I do have these moments.

Many thoughts immediately raced through my mind. Some of those thoughts included: 1) Who really would be willing to go to this small people group of 1,500 in Cambodia to bring them The Good News? 2) This is but one (1) of thousands of UNREACHED people groups! 3) How will we (Believers) ever reach all of these UNREACHED people groups? 4) Why can we not get scores of more Americans to be willing to GO? 5) Men, women, and children are dying every day and they have NEVER heard The Good News. Seriously, at this point I was in tears and bowed my head and was like God, help us. Help me understand. It is so overwhelming some days.  I know that Your promise is that Your blood has purchased for God people from every tribe, tongue, and nation (Revelation 5:9).  I believe this promise!  Yet, I ask, how will that be accomplished?  God, there are so many still UNREACHED, NEVER HEARD!  Honestly, I was so overwhelmed in that very moment.

This great burden in my heart began to grow some 4+ years ago.  As we become more integrated in to our role at NTM, as I network not only with NTM Missionaries but Missionaries from other churches/sending agencies, the NEEDS are INCREDIBLE.  I wish in words I could convey how GREAT the NEEDS are in missions today.  I often read, and many may see my daily post, Matthew 9:37-38 (NIV), ““The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.”  I read this and have thought, man, if the need was great some 2000 years ago, how much greater are the needs now.  However, as I was having this overwhelmed moment, God’s spirit spoke to my heart these words: “The needs are not greater than 2000 years ago.  They WERE great then and yes they are great NOW.  Calm your spirit Paul.  Paul, you know that I have everything in My control.  In due time, all that needs to be done, will be done. Keep praying, but calm your spirit.”

My spirits have calmed.  Even as I share these words though, admittedly, my flesh wonders how it will all be accomplished?  How will we reach so many unreached?  I do know that God, our Creator, Owner of all things, does have a plan.  I know this and believe this.  Yet, I know I may one day have another one of these overwhelming moments.  I know I will need to bow my head and cry out to God, and He will have to remind me, “don’t worry, I got this.”  Truly, I am glad He does “got this.”

I am sharing this moment today for a number of reasons.  First, as a reminder to myself.  Someday, when I am again feeling overwhelmed, this will be a good reminder for me.  Second, I pray that if you are feeling overwhelmed today by “whatever”, that you will bow your head and ask God to help calm your spirit and remind you that He’s “got this.”  Thirdly, that those who read through this will pray with me.  Please, will you pray Matthew 9:37-38?  God does “got this”, but He wants to hear our prayers, hear whats on our heart, talk with us through all of the moments in our life.  The greatest part of our relationship with God is that He truly does want to be a part of our life, help lead our life, and help mature us in to all He created us to be.

Not feeling so overwhelmed anymore. Thank you Jehovah! Amen.

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Posted by Paul and Susan Olmstead in Family, Ministry, PSAAZ Blog, Uncategorized on Oct 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

Our last Ministry Updated (Sept 2014)



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Family Reunited; Out of Another Surgery

Posted by Blog Admin in Family, Ministry, Prayer Requests on Oct 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off
Praising God for his many, many blessings!!!

Praising God for his many, many blessings!!!

It was a beautiful scene in Jon’s hospital room as the Leedahl family was reunited. Many hugs, kisses, and questions.

Jon had surgery this afternoon to clean the wound and assess the muscles. He came out of surgery looking and feeling great!! Thank you for your prayers!! Another surgery happens on his leg on Sunday. Praise God for Jon looking and feeling great!!

Prayer requests:

  • Please continue to pray for Jon’s muscles to heal.
  • Pray for Jon, Adie, Jaeden, Levi, and Jace and for all the dynamics in working out what family life will look like for now.
  • Praise God for the medical team here in Cairns Hospital, and for the wonderful ward clerk who goes out of her way to help them and answer their questions.

Thank you again for your encouragement, support, and prayers for Jon, Adie, and the boys. We serve a BIG God who will continue leading us to trust His plan throughout this process.

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Pray for Howie

Posted by Gene and Carol Trudeau in Uncategorized on Oct 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

Greetings. In our last update we said, “Please also PRAY for our newly saved son-in-law, Howie. He has a severe back problem, is in a lot of pain, and his company insurance may not pay for the needed surgery because he hasn’t been with that company very long.”

The insurance company since then has said they wouldn’t cover the surgery because it is not necessary! The poor guy can’t work and can barely walk! However, the doctor convinced the insurance company to cover it. Thanks very much for praying.

Please continue to PRAY for Howie – that the surgery will be successful. This is pretty serious and risky surgery. He is scheduled for surgery on October 28.

We were in the city for a few days while Gene’s cardiologist “interrogated” his pacemaker, and he also had other testing done to try to determine if his vertigo is from restriction of blood flow to the brain or an ear problem caused by the stroke. It appears to be ear related. Homeopathic remedies are helping to alleviate the dizziness. In the midst of doctor visits and testing we were also running here and there around the city buying three months worth of food, office supplies, and hardware. PTL that Gene had the strength to do all that. A couple of months ago he wouldn’t have been able to.

His pacemaker keeps his heart from going too slowly, but pacemakers can’t keep a heart from going too fast. Most of the time his goes too fast. None of the available medicines to slow his heart have worked. Please PRAY for a solution. He is going to try aerobic exercise and also homeopathic remedies both of which are said to be able to lower resting heart rate.

Before we flew out to the city we finished the final revision of the 42 lesson first phase of the Manubu’ teaching program. We’ll be back in our village in a couple of days and working on final revision of the 23 lesson second phase of the teaching program. Please keep PRAYING for strength and wisdom as we continue doing final revision of Manubu’ Bible lessons.

Dani and Agung, Manubu’ Bible teachers and our translation helpers in the lowland dialect, spent a few days with us recently going over Bible lesson revisions. Dani has six Manubu’ disciples he is training to teach God’s word. Please PRAY for these six men. We forgot to get their names. We’ll let you know in our next update.

Thanks for praying. It works!

Financial Update Oct 2014

Posted by Keith and Jacqueline Stanton in Ministry on Oct 22nd, 2014 | Comments Off

In December 2014 Jacqueline and I will be moving to Florida to work with the mobilization team. We are excited about this new opportunity but our new ministry and living situation comes with new expenses. We have updated our budget to represent our new ministry needs.

  • Current Budget: $7,925/mo
  • Currently Receiving: $5,855/mo
  • Balance needed: $2,070/mo

We also have some one-time expenses associated with the move and setting up for our new ministry.

  • Total one-time expenses: $14,000
  • Already received: $1500
  • Contingent donation: $5,000(donation is contigent on us reaching 90% of our monthly support level)
  • Balance needed: $7,500

Please check this link for detailed financial info: Financial Facts Oct 2014

How can you help?
Pray – Please pray that God will raise up new partners who are excited to be a part of what we are doing
Share – Tell others about our needs and encourage them to join our team
Give – Please consider how God may have you contribute to our cause

  • Would you consider partnering with us financially?
  • Are you already giving? Would you consider increasing your support?
  • Would you consider giving a one-time gift towards our moving and set-up fund?

Electronic Funds Transfer is the easiest most efficient ways to make regular contributions – The form is HERE
Please visit How to Give for other options


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Relocating to Oklahoma…

Posted by Lance and Laura Ostman in Family, Ministry, News Article, Prayer Request on Oct 22nd, 2014 | Comments Off
Higaunon girl

Higaunon girl

Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable.  He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.  Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall,  but those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.
(Isaiah 40:28-31, NKJV)

What an encouragement God’s Word is to us!

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