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Project Mobilization

Posted by Mark and Lauren Ducommun in Ministry, MTC Canada on Apr 24th, 2014 | Comments Off

The semester is almost coming to an end, and things are picking up! We’ve been working lots of projects and events lately and thought we’d share what our weeks have been looking like.

Mark has been developing curriculum and booking speakers for the Catch the Vision weekends coming up this summer. Lauren has been organizing accommodations, meals, and advertising for the event. We’re excited for this program and ask for your prayers as we start getting the word out soon. Check out the brochure we’re getting ready to print and hand out. If you know someone or a group that you think would be interested, let us know! (When the site is ready you can learn more at canada.ntm.org/catch-the-vision).


As we prepare for applicants and incoming students for Fall 2014, Mark has been giving campus tours and Lauren has been creating an iBook info packet to replace the paper version the school had.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.05.03 AM

We’ve also been filling out exhibitor’s applications for different events and conferences later this spring, and following up contacts from past events. Please be praying that we can share with youth, youth leaders, and individuals the work that New Tribes Mission is doing to plant churches in unreached people groups. Many have never heard about how they can be involved, and we are so excited to share these opportunities with them!

Another exciting area we’re helping out in is with the NTMC Bookstore. We’re working on moving and promoting old inventory and ordering new merchandise and books for NTM Canada. Which leads us to ask this question:

Which product would you be most interested in? (a) Zip up hoodie, (b) A stainless steel pen, (c) A NTM T-shirt, or (d) A large coffee mug that highlights a tribal work or Bible translation.

Leave your choice in the comments below!

As you can see, we’ve been doing a lot of computer and paper work lately. Thank you for praying for us as we try to stay focused on our projects and help share about how God is building His Church around the world.

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Posted by Bryan and Martha Conard in Uncategorized on Apr 24th, 2014 | Comments Off

“For this reason we also constantly thank God that when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but for what it really is, the word of God, which also performs it’s work in you who believe.” 1 Thessalonians 2:13

Fifty nine was the number we gave you a few weeks ago of the amount of people that have applied to come to NTBI Jackson this Fall.  As of today that number is up to sixty nine!  We are praising God that this many people are interested in taking two years of their life to study GOD’s WORD FULL TIME!

Many of those who have applied will be graduating from high school this May or have just finished school in the last few years.  For that reason, presenting the need for missions and therefore the need to know the WORD to young people still in school is a priority for us.  That’s why during this past year we have been hosting “213 Nights” here at NTBI.  During 213 Nights (based on 1 Thess 2:13) we host youth groups from local churches for a night of fun games and food but most importantly a night challenging them of the importance of the WORD.  The WORD is presented not as the word of men, but as God’s truth which is at work in their lives… if only they will seek to KNOW it.

Bryan sharing with the youth at 213 Night

Last night was our last 213 night of this school year.  It was so encouraging to hear Jessica, one of our NTBI seniors who Martha has had the privilege of discipling over the past two years, share her testimony.  Bryan also had the privilege of challenging the youth from the WORD.

Jessica sharing her testimony

We are praying that these 213 Nights would bear much fruit in the form of young people desiring to be trained in the WORD in the coming years!  Thank you for also praying to that end!

Easter Celebrations!

Posted by Robert and Terri Harmon in Ministry on Apr 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

Ministering through AWANA Sparks

Easter Sunday is such a wonderful day, isn’t it? This past Sunday we had the privilege to worship our Lord and Savior and celebrate His resurrection from the dead! While we were praising His name in Missouri, many tribal people around the world were also celebrating! One people group in Senegal, West Africa had their first experience with Easter Sunday because they just heard about Jesus this year! Praise God with us that His salvation is going forth all over the world!

Our time of sharing at the Mission Conference in Michigan last month was such an encouragement to us. We were reminded of our task of “Reflecting the Light” in this dark world. Our prayer is that we will keep shining for God here in Camdenton and throughout our ministries with NTM.

Our year of serving in AWANA is coming to a close. Tonight is our last regular night. Over the last several months our Sparks Program (K – 2nd graders) grew from about 40 kids to almost 70! It has been a quite a journey and we are praising God for the work He’s doing in the lives of our clubbers.

Paiye tells the Easter Story

Posted by Bryan and Martha Conard in Uncategorized on Apr 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

I wanted to upload this over this past weekend but was having trouble with our blog.  Now it’s up and running again and even though Easter weekend is past I just HAD to share this with you!

Our brother, Paiye, lives in a remote and mountainous village in the Asia Pacific.  Thankfully he and other Moi people have had the opportunity to hear the Good News through God using New Tribes Missionaries.   Please take the next four minutes and nineteen seconds to listen to Paiye tell the Easter story in his own words.  You won’t regret it!

Future Pilot

Posted by Duane Bakken in Family, My Journal on Apr 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

Sidney’s long standing interest in flying was firmly established when in 2011, at the age of ten, he was briefly handed the controls of a float plane. It was an amazing experience he will never forget.

Dawn and I obviously are passionate about missions and would love to see our kids one day follow in our footsteps. To that end I encourage them in that direction, pray for it,and are preparing for our first term of tribal missions as a family. One day my wise wife informed me that my personal desires were casting a shadow of expectation over Sidney that was frustrating him. It can be discouraging when you feel someone else is planning your life for you. At that point, because he felt trapped, he wanted nothing to do missions.

When I apologized to Sid for the undue pressure I had put on him he was obviously relieved. Then I asked him what he wanted to do. His answer: to be a pilot to help missionaries like Dawn and I!

Sidney already has some experience with simple Radio Controlled helicopters but I wanted to do more to encourage him in this direction. So when we were at Missionsfest We visited with a couple pilots from MAF and Prairie and asked what he could do now to help get airborne in the future. The answer was to study the weather, learn to drive things, and build and fly realistic RC planes.

So for his 13th birthday 3 weeks later Sidney was happily surprised with a four-foot wingspan electric RC plane. We began taking it out to the abandoned airstrip in town for sunrise flights before school. Now he’s flying high and making smooth landings. We even strapped an action cam to the bottom to get some great video.

Flying was something I briefly considered for myself when we started missionarytraining. Helping others not only with transportation but encouragement and practical assistance as one of the few outside visitors sounded like a good fit until I learned that I was too far past the age of thirty to become a missionary pilot. Sidney on the other hand is clear to taxi and I can’t wait to see him soar.

Learn more about missionary aviation:Â http://go.ntm.org/mission-aviation


Posted by Joel and Andi in Updates and News on Apr 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

Thursday morning before Easter, I woke up to an email from my mom tell me about how my older brother had decided to turn to Christ and that he would be baptized this Sunday.  Tears of Joy filled my eyes as it was a day that we had waited for a long time.  After the initial joy came some seeds of doubt and fear to actually believe and hope.  Part of me wondered if it was real and could I really just rejoice.  But that doubt was quickly met by the reminder that rang in my ear, “I AM ABLE”.  Did I believe it?  Yes I did, God IS able.  What seems at times impossible to man is possible to God.  It is a truth that we need to just freely hand on to.  That is what we celebrated this Easter.  We celebrated a risen Lord who is able to bring us back to God, no matter how far away we have run. It would have been great to have been there with my family to watch this baptism, but we were here on the other side of the world rejoicing alongside them.  Glory To God!

Our Easter

  • I spent the week with Cecil, making the drink that is traditionally made here on Easter by Catholics and Christians and then passed out the neighbors

    We celebrated being together with Joel's family

By making and eating lots of cookies

  • Sunday Morning we woke up really to worship in at a sunrise service
  • We then shared breakfast together with our church

The kids at our church sang and danced about the resurrection

Others from our church also prepared special songs

  • The afternoon was spent with our host family out in their village, eating together and resting in the heat of the day
  • The day ended with a Skype call to my parents to celebrate all that God had done for our family this Easter
  • The Lord is Risen!



Our amazing God

Posted by Susie Locklin in Uncategorized on Apr 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off

Isn’t this tree amazing? Last week I got back from a PGA trip among a Jola people group in southern Senegal and Gambia. On this PGA trip was the first time I saw what is called a silk cotton tree in English (though Google just told me it’s also the great kapok tree I remember reading about in elementary school!). It is called a fromager in French, the name of which makes it sound like its fruit should be cheese. (However, Wikipedia just taught me that it’s called that since its wood is used to make containers for cheese.) I fell in love with this huge tree, which makes even the towering baobab look small!

What a great and awesome God who could make such an awesome tree. Sadly, the people who live in this village and well over a hundred surrounding villages, don’t know this awesome God. Through our research before and on this PGA trip, we talked with over a hundred people of this Jola people group, very few of whom knew our awesome God. Since the people group is so big, even though we met a few believers, it appears they constitute less than 0.05% of the people group.

During the trip, we talked to many of the believers who are members of this Jola people group and others in the area, we talked to village chiefs, and we talked to lots of ordinary people. The whole time God led us and protected us. He brought us through many border checks and police checkpoints, through encounters with bugs and other “creepy things,” through meetings and questionnaires. He is our amazing and awesome God!

A New Dribble

Posted by Stephen and Ginger Jordan in Uncategorized on Apr 22nd, 2014 | Comments Off
Basketball in the Village

Basketball in the Village

For many years now we have taught the Bible to whoever would come.  But now we are asking ourselves, who didn’t come?  We have noticed that the teenagers haven’t come, primarily the boys.  As a result, we have prayed concerning these boys and how best to share the Gospel Message with them.  One answer is Bible Basketball Camp.  In short, teenage boys love basketball.  So plans are currently being made and implemented for a Bible Basketball Camp during the first week of May.  For the first four days, the boys will be given training, opportunity to practice and there will be competitions.  AND daily they will hear God’s Word.

MVP Trophy

MVP Trophy

The championship game will be played on the fifth day and the entire village will be invited to watch.  Once again, Stephen will have the opportunity to share God’s Word during the half-time break.  After the championship game, there will be some awards to be given to the players, like an MVP trophy and basketballs.  At this time also, every player who came to the camp will receive a New Testament in their language.

Of course this isn’t something Stephen can do by himself.  Stephen has enlisted nine other men from the village to assist him:  coaches, referees, Bible teachers, trainers.  We are now asking you to enlist, too, as a prayer partner.  Please pray for the strength and energy needed to put this Bible Basketball Camp together and to run it.  Please also pray for the salvation of these boys and for the entire village.

The Next Step!

Posted by Jared and Leah Haynes in Uncategorized on Apr 22nd, 2014 | Comments Off

     Well everyone, the time has come! We’ve finally reached our monthly minimum requirement of 85%! Not only that, we’re currently at around 87% of our monthly goal. We’re feeling so encouraged about the way that we’ve seen God provide the minimum cost of what it takes to live and work in Paraguay long term. However, there are a couple of things we would appreciate you praying for.

One of the things we would love for all of you to pray for is that we wouldn’t get “tunnel vision”. What we mean is that we’re so excited about the prospect of moving to Paraguay this summer, but we don’t want to overlook some of the current responsibilities we have right here in our own home country. We want to continue to be faithful to do all of what God has required of us currently, and to ultimately finish well in our ministry partnership phase. What we’re doing now is praying about when the best time to leave would be. Mid July still looks like a great time to us, however, we truly desire to listen to what people are saying, take it into consideration, and pray and ask God to give us wisdom as to when the best time would be. Would you pray for us as to when would be the best time for departure and to make the next step? Would you pray that God would enable us to fully immerse ourselves into the Paraguayan language and culture, and that we’d be able to learn quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

One thing we want to make clear is this, we’re not leaving for Paraguay tomorrow! The very earliest we would leave is in July. So either way you look at it, we’re a few months away from this next phase of ministry. During these last few months we will be working on catching up with our supporters and slowly saying our goodbyes. We are so thankful for the team that God has put behind us and we would like to take the chance to thank as many as we can in person before we leave.

As this Easter season has come upon us and now left, we’re reminded all the more of what Jesus has accomplished for the lowliest of low (that’s you and me), and the need for everyone to hear this message of his death, burial, and resurrection. Not only that, but to respond by placing their faith in Jesus, the Lamb of God, as the only acceptable sin offering. That being said, God has continued to press the tribes of Paraguay on our hearts. We so desperately long to share the Gospel with these extremely spiritual needy individuals. But that day is long in coming. However, this “next step” is right in front of us. And we intend to trust God to work out the details and requirements that need to be met in order for us to get that much closer to sharing the gospel with those who would otherwise never have opportunity to hear the truth. What are you doing to see that these people hear the truth?

Percentages are going up!

Posted by Ned and Linn Beall in Uncategorized on Apr 22nd, 2014 | Comments Off

We sure appreciate your prayers. Literacy is going well and the students are learning more each day and are mostly consistent in attending. Aimee will be continuing to teach the first literacy class every week day in the mornings for four months.

The students are 20s to 40s in age. It is great to see the younger men being excited about learning to read. Most of the young men on our island don’t have anything to do and tend to get into trouble. We are praying that as they learn to read they will be motivated to spend time in God’s Word and desire to be leaders and teachers in upcoming literacy classes!

Ned’s translation check went very well. He had II Corinthians, I,II and III John and most of the Gospel of John checked. The exciting news is that this brings us to 60% of the Tigak New Testament completed and consultant checked!! It is very encouraging to see more of the Tigak Bible being completed.

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