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Just married!

Posted by Regina Sullivan in Family on Sep 16th, 2014 | Comments Off

Yippee! Here’s a few pics from the wedding. Now to change my name on the blog…

in field

scott smiles

regina smiles

blurred on bridge

scott cu tie

regina cu flowers

standing by willow tree

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From PC to Print

Posted by Rosie Cochran in Ministry on Sep 16th, 2014 | Comments Off

Below is an article written by one of my co-workers, Ian Fallis. It is about one of the important processes that takes place here at NTM Communications, that is, getting a tribal Bible translation ready to print! What can be more exciting than that?! PCtoPrint1

From PC to Print

(by Ian Fallis)

How does a Bible get from an electronic file on a translator’s computer into print? That’s where the unseen players of Bible translation play an important role.

In Florida We Format


Doug Lotz with translations he has formatted.

Doug Lotz with translations he has formatted.

Many NTM translators have their printing coordinated through NTM’s Florida office. Right now, eight New Testaments — five new translations and three revisions — are in various stages of completion.

The process starts with a rich text file that NTM missionary Doug Lotz imports into a program designed to create files that print shops can work with. Many people might find it tedious work, but Doug, who is a master of understatement, said it’s a good fit for his skills and “I kind of like doing it.” We tend to agree — he’s been doing it for more than 20 years!

Let the Proofreading Begin


Jon Frazier (left) overseeing inspection.

Jon Frazier (left) overseeing inspection.

Going from one format to another can be problematic. NTM retirees Jack Abbott and Edna Trigg and missionary Julie Fallis proofread to make sure all the books are there, each book has the right number of chapters, and each chapter has the right number of verses.

They also check punctuation, formatting, footnotes and more. All three of them are glad to be able to contribute by doing this detailed, painstaking work. After a minimum of two rounds of proofreading, and sometimes four, it’s time for printing.


Printing – Making a Good Impression

It can be a challenge to find a printer who does quality work, will complete the job, and do it for a reasonable price. This is where the expertise of Jon Frazier comes in.

Jon, an NTM missionary, brings years of experience in printing. He works with a broker to find quality shops to print the Bibles — and he does a fantastic job at it. He also oversees inspection of the finished New Testaments and helps arrange shipping.

As you can see, Jon, Doug, Jack, Edna and Julie all have one thing in common. They use their skills to impact the kingdom. Your skills, the things you enjoy doing and your experience might just make you a great fit for an important role on NTM’s church planting and Bible translation team.

Almost summer

Posted by Susie Locklin in Uncategorized on Sep 15th, 2014 | Comments Off

Wow, it has been a good but busy summer back in the US! Here are a few of the many things I’ve done the last two months:

- Get together with lots of people to share more about what God’s doing in West Africa – Help other missionaries with linguistics – Go to the zoo, go water-skiing, go mini golfing – Host 4 West Africa presentation times, when people were invited to hear more about life over there – Get together with family – Get together with friends – Visit NTM’s Bible Institute and Missionary Training Center – Study Jula – Do some work on PGA – Buy things to take back – Relax and rejuvenate – Sleep in – Get music, videos,and audio Bibles into a format that I can pass them around when I get back

I head back in less than a week. Now that it’s gotten colder in Wisconsin, I must say that I’m looking forward to being back in “summer” in about a week. :) I’m also looking forward to seeing my friends there and getting back into the things that God has for me over there.

Thanks so much to those of you who made time in your schedules to get together with me! For those of you I didn’t get to connect with this time, maybe next time we’ll be able to make it work. It’s amazing how quickly 2 1/2 months can fly by!

Teacher Samantha

Posted by Chuck and Shannon Talbot in Family on Sep 15th, 2014 | Comments Off

1904011_10102541436323248_2874002289563498816_nThe last post I put on this blog was 3 months ago and it was asking for a teacher for our kids.  It has been a busy 3 months and through it all the Lord has provided a teacher for our kids!  We are so very excited to introduce you all to Samantha Carr!

She heard about our need for a teacher through one of the kids old teachers, Jessica Peschka (Wease).  Jessica taught the kids for the 2009/10 school year.

Samantha comes from Michigan and loves to be involved with kids.  She has a heart for missions and saw this as a great opportunity to serve the Lord.  She will be with us until May 2015.

We are very excited to be picking her up from the airport in just under 36 hrs from now!

Please pray for Samantha as she adjusts to the Philippines, the heat and of course to our crazy family.

She gets a week in Manila with us and then we head north and just a few days later she will move into the village with us.  It will be a long 2 1/2 months living in the village for her.  Pray for her adjustment to living there.

Pray also as she jumps right into teaching the kids.  We have already started the school year and with 4 weeks of no school by the time we get back they will be eager to get started again.

Thanks for praying.

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Disciples Making Disciples

Posted by Macon and Katy Hare in Ministry on Sep 14th, 2014 | Comments Off

Missionaries aren’t born – they’re made – through a process of formal training and life experiences. As God stirs hearts to His work, He also provides a way to prepare them. Whether ministering in a village in Africa, or at a desk in the USA, God readies His people for service.

I love to see the smiles on the faces of missionaries as they share God’s Word. Really not many things more exciting that that.

Thankful for strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes and rest!

Posted by Jacob and Beth Devine in Uncategorized on Sep 13th, 2014 | Comments Off

Strawberries, sweatshirts, jeans, friends, roller hockey, lettuce and tomatoes are just a few of the things we are enjoying as we take a much needed rest here in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Thank you for praying over the last months as we continued on serving in the busyness of life. Now we are enjoying time to rest, reflect and re-energize ourselves or should we say God is re energizing us? :)

We are enjoying the church services with fellow missionaries while Jonathan gets to enjoy fun times with the other toddlers in nursery. One Sunday, the speaker said that many times in our life, we are going along and things are clear and we can see our goals and objectives. However, sometimes we look around and discover that what was once clear has lost its focus. And we seem to be wandering around in a fog. Many times, growing up in a fishing village, things were covered by fog. People would say that “you could cut it with a knife.” There is an old wives tale of a captain who was lost between the bow and stern of his boat for two days because of the fog. However, if he waited long enough, the sun would eventually come out and “burn up the fog.” It is a great metaphor for our Christian life. When we try harder to make sense of our lives while we are in a fog, it doesn’t work. How much better is it to look to Christ and let his light “burn up the fog”? Then after it is gone we can see clearly again! This break here in the Highlands has been a great time for us to let Christ’s light burn up our fog so we can go back to work with clear vision and refreshed.

This week we also enjoyed visiting our Bena friends who live around Interface, where we used to live. It was so fun to see everyone and everyone loved seeing Jonathan. Jonathan wasn’t too excited though because he was quite confused as to why all these people that he didn’t know were so excited to hold him and touch him. J We continue to pray that missionaries will still be able to go to help the Bena church become strong in the Lord.


-          God has given NTM PNG a second new Kodiak airplane! https://canada.ntm.org/mission-news/80094/kodiak-2-for-papua-new-guinea

-          Another New Testament Bible dedication in the Sepik, another tribe with God’s word, on Oct 1st!

-          A Savior who loves us, takes care of us and knows every detail of our lives!

-          Opportunity for a restful and relaxing break in the Highlands! Strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes! And cool weather!

-          A large unexpected tax refund from the Canadian government!

-          Jonathan is now 19 months old… playing ‘ hockey’, cheering on sports players and helping mom with the laundry. J

-          Success as we took Jonathan off of his acid reflux medicine just a few days ago!

-          God’s continued provision for our needs moment by moment!

-          Safety at work for Jacob!

-          Soon arrival of the Shontere family to help us on the NTM support center.

-          Opportunity to help out with the Interface program in Madang region next summer! Beth will cook and Jacob will fix everything that breaks.

-          Jacob’s mom (and maybe dad) will be coming over to help next summer too, to take care of Jonathan so Beth can work in the kitchen!

Prayer requests:

-          Ability to enjoy each day, no matter what circumstances God places in our paths each day.

-          Rest in God as we enjoy being parents each day.

-          Wisdom as Jacob works each day to repair and maintain the NTM Center.

-          Wisdom for Jacob and Bill as they plan and work on the new Boat House.

-          Jacob’s grandmother and family… we just found out that his grandmother has a tumor on her pancreases and bowel and are waiting for the results of an MRI.

-          Healing of our friend, Elissa, so she can work full time in PNG.

-          Greg and Kristen Michaels, as they headed home for medical reasons… healing and transition to a new ministry.

-          The Myer and Goheen family as they head out on surveys into the bush to plan which tribe they will live in, to learn the language & culture in order to present the Gospel message!

-          Opportunity to help out with Interface – Prayer for Jacob’s mom and hopefully dad as they plan to come over to help and take care of Jonathan… finances for travels.

-          God would continue to raise up more missionaries to come to the Sepik and bring the Gospel to those who have never heard it their own heart language.

-          Rich and Dawn Foster & family, as they raise more support so they can return to PNG and settle back into a ministry with the Bena.

-          More co-workers to work alongside Rich and Dawn Foster.

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Posted by Candace Storms in Uncategorized on Sep 13th, 2014 | Comments Off

THankful THirteenTH

Birthdays, a common occasion for celebration, and certainly a reason to thank God. This week I’ve had the privilege of celebrating two friends’ birthdays with them. Birthdays remind us of God’s gift of life, another year He has given us, and the hope of a year to come. They signify the time we have with one another. We have all been placed very specifically in time and location by our Heavenly Father. Each day and year is a gift from Him. The day a friend “ages” is a chance to recall what you have encountered together, struggled with, taught one another, conquered together. How would this past year or even your life have been different without this person’s friendship? Friendships are key to every aspect of life, and birthdays are an annual reminder for us to thank God for the people He has put in our lives and to tell those people how important they are to us.


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Surveying the Wantakian People

Posted by BJ and Jill Sanders in Ministry, Prayer Requests on Sep 12th, 2014 | Comments Off

Last Tuesday, Jeremy and I finally got our feet on the ground in the Wantakia tribe! As most of you know, we have been praying and looking forward to this day for many years. Our goals for this first contact trip were (1) to find out if we missionaries have an invitation to come live amongst these people, (2) to find out if the tribal language is still strong and if they need a translation of God’s Word, (3) to get the lay of the land by seeing it firsthand, (4) and to make sure there was no mission work being done in the area by anyone else.

We can say with confidence: YES–these people desperately want us to come; YES-the language is strong and needs God’s talk in their language; YES-we got to see, smell, taste, experience all 10 villages firsthand; and NO-there is no mission work being done there in the language.

It was an incredible 8 days. We trekked up and down the entire Wantakian area, from elevations of 4,000 ft. to 8,100 ft. Everywhere, the people are incredibly welcoming and friendly. In each village, the people provided us with a place to sleep, a warm fire to cook over, water to drink, rivers to wash in, and outhouses to use! :)

Pray for us to continue to follow the Lord’s leading and for Him to give us peace as we pray about taking a second trip in there next month. This is a HUGE decision, because a second trip in there means we are committing to come and live among these people!

Crossing the Wogamo River

Crossing the Wogamo River

Jos, an Aziana believer, came with us. Huge encouragement!

Jos, an Aziana believer, came with us. Huge encouragement!

Jeremy with our new friend, Tavman.

Jeremy with our new friend, Tavman.

The airstrip in the village of Pinji.

The airstrip in Pinji.

Jeremy resting from our trek.

Jeremy resting from our trek.

My tired feet.

My tired feet.

Jeremy in conversation with a local.

Jeremy in conversation with a local.

Me getting to be an anthropologist :)

Me getting to be an anthropologist :)

The beautiful central mountain range.

The beautiful central mountain range.



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New Pictures

Posted by Gary and Esther Smith in Family, media, Ministry on Sep 12th, 2014 | Comments Off


After way too long we finally got some new pictures posted. Enjoy! Click here to see them. 
Culture show head dress

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Thankful for Restful Moments in the Midst of Ministry!

Posted by Tim and Andrea Ullum in Uncategorized on Sep 12th, 2014 | Comments Off

Dear Friends,

Well I guess fall is on its way, more obvious in some places than others. We just got an hour of good rain last night which was a first in a long time and boy was it refreshing to have a cool evening- 75 degrees or so and now the dust isn’t so bad! We were also rejoicing that God turned off the rain just at the time people would be heading to the teaching meeting. If it’s raining people will not come out to hear the teaching. But it was a good turnout as Tim taught about the 10 commandments and the golden calf story. Keep praying that people will consistently come.  When they miss a week of teaching they can easily get behind on what’s going on. ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? sweet times ???????????????????????????????

We GREATLY enjoyed a time of relaxation last month seeing the girls excel in swimming, playing on the beach, and sleeping in. Boy was it nice. A much needed break after some intense months! Dina had her 8th birthday that we celebrated with her favorite apple pie and a small party. Then at the end of August we started 2nd grade with the girls and all look forward to enjoying a year of learning together. Tim is teaching Bible class during breakfast and then I work through 5 other subjects with them for the morning, usually getting done around 11:30- IF there are not any cows or pigs trying to destroy our yard, neighbors coming by to visit or people asking for medical help. We’ve had a good start to the year though so far!

We are thankful that one set of partners, Phil & Shelley are back from home assignment after 6 months. It will be good to have all 3 of our families serving together for a few months before our other partners head to their home country. Pray that we will all make some good progress on ministry goals in the next few months and continue to mutually encourage one another.

Thanks for each of you who stand with us in prayer and support. Know that God is using you in our lives and you’re also reaching to the people is Southeast Asia with the message of Truth and Life!

~Andrea, Tim, Dina & Abby

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