Songs of praise from the ends of the earth…

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Songs of praise from the ends of the earth….

Bonade (named after my dad) is one of the many babies that “attend” literacy classes with their mom. Sure amazed at how hard these ladies are working at learning to read: daily attending class that goes nearly to noon, then hike to the garden to plant/harvest their food. All with baby/toddlers in tow. Gebumigea here is doing great and will be able to read God’s Word herself in just over 2 months from now. Please keep praying for all the students and Moi teachers.

We hear songs of praise from the ends of the earth, songs that give glory to the Righteous One! Is. 24:156
The people in this country¬†have a pretty neat way to see if a kid is ready for school. If he can reach over his head and touch his ear, then he’s likely ready.

Why were we doing this in Moi the other day? Big, BIG news! A Christian organization out of Jakarta is starting up a Christian school here in August of this year!

We are starting with one kindergarten class (lined up below) and two 1st grade classes. A big change for the Moi but they are sure embracing it. Every prayer I hear from their mouths mentions how thankful they are for Sekolah Lentera Harapan (Lantern of Hope School).

papua harapan days 1

Flash back to June 2009, do you remember when we had Emma Grace live with us for a few days until her parents promised not to try to kill her again? (Her father was jealous, thinking that Emma Grace had a different dad, so he wanted her dead.) Her mom has lovingly raised her, faithfully teaching her and her siblings from God’s Word.

me with Emma Grace 1

Here’s Emma Grace nearly 7 years old, and all excited to attend school this fall! (also she’s 3rd from the front in the lineup below). Well, she’s not only excited about school, she is excited about her relationship with the Lord. She made up the words and the tune to this song about her salvation that Jacinda captured on video while she was here. Click on the link at the bottom of this email to hear her song.

Just a couple days ago she sang me another song that she just made up about how the Lamb was the only One worthy to open the scroll from Revelations; she’s paying attention as we teach through this book!

emma grace and I

Click on the link below to hear Emma Grace’s song of praise from the ends of the earth!

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