Merry Christmas 2016

Our second Christmas in Albuquerque, this time with a little grandson nearby. Read on to get an idea of what’s …

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Faithful to be faithful…GOD IS!

For a quick update on what God is allowing us to do in Albuquerque as well as a report on …

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ABQ Anniversary Already?

Check out our latest update by clicking this link, thanks.

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Working to see the unreached reached! The founders of NTM had a vision back in 1942 to reach the last unreached people group with the Gospel. Today NTM is over 3,000 strong and still working toward the completion of the Bride of Christ. We thank God for the privilege of being involved in His work full time with NTM since 1996. After 19 years serving at New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI and training young missionaries, we moved to Albuquerque, NM to represent NTM. We are attempting to find hungry hearted believers and believe God is preparing many in the area for full time missions…some specifically for cross cultural church planting. Our hearts are excited as we anticipate seeing local folks head off to training with NTM and eventually to one of the remaining tribal groups. We can’t wait. Thank you for praying for us as we expand the knowledge of unreached people groups in the ABQ and surrounding area and trust God for more laborers for the mission field. Amazing Love! How can it be?!!! Rex and Shirley  

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