Vehicle update:
One of our jobs here at the school is to buy all the groceries and maintenance supplies. …

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KS group

As you are probably beginning to realize our summer was VERY busy!
Soon after our 2 sons and their …

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Jeremy and Macy

A week after Joel and Angela arrived, Jeremy and Macy with their 4 kids joined us!   They also, joined …

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Recent Trip In November, Phil with Dave Brown, Joel Hartman, and Ken Williams traveled 33 hours by a commercial launch, packed like sardines in their hammocks. They went to give Joel and Gwen Hartman a good start on their house in this interior town. The house construction is being done for Joel and Gwen Hartman who work with the Yanomami. Joel and Gwen are phasing out of the tribal area and concentrating on translation and teaching. You can find more information about the Hartmans’ at their website: After 2 weeks of hard work the guys were happy that they had completed the project they set out to do.

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