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Vehicle update:
One of our jobs here at the school is to buy all the groceries and maintenance supplies. There are over 75 people and 30 buildings on this campus. We buy everything from frozen chickens to screens and pipes. We have set up a special vehicle fund and at this time $15,000 has been given. $15,000 is still needed to purchase an appropriate vehicle. The dirt road we travel is steep with deep ruts and our loads are heavy. Just a reminder, your gifts are tax deductable if sent to the home office (address below). Designate that your gift is for Phil and Cindy Ketcham Vehicle Fund. We are so thankful for your gifts toward this project.

A new local outreach is starting across river. One man and his family have been trying to study the Bible on their own. This man has welcomed a couple of our staff men to come teach them each Sunday. What an exciting opportunity!

Launch happenings:
The river is our highway here. With no roads, this is our only connection to the city.
What a blessing it is to have a launch for transportation. We use it to haul all of our supplies, staff,
students and recreation for life here on campus. Over the past 50 years the launch has been replaced 4 or 5 times. The latest launch was completed in 2005 and holds 46 passengers. The documentation for this launch has been in process since 2005 with little success. In December we were stopped by the Manaus Port Captain for a routine document check. Now that it has come to the official’s attention, this paperwork must be completed for us to use the Manaus Port for our monthly supply trips. A lot of time and effort is being spent to find the proper channels and personnel to get this required documentation accomplished. Please pray for wisdom as we try to obtain the launch’s proper papers.

Grass, grass and more grass: The weather here revolves around the dry and rainy seasons. As a result the river water level is going down half of the year and up the other half. Last dry season the river was lower than it has been in over 50 years. This makes the banks of the river into fields of grass, 4 to 6 feet tall. We are in the rainy season now and the river is coming up fast. The water washes away the soil from the roots and the fields of grass now float. This floating grass plugs up the smaller channels around the islands along the river. The local boat traffic uses these smaller back waterways to travel. Now everyone is trying to keep their motors out of the grass and still get in and out of the local docks. Travel now takes more time and effort with all the floating grass. The water buffalo are the only ones enjoying the grassy mess.

Jerod and Jill- would still like to sell their house in CT, so the family can make the move to D.C. where Jerod is stationed. Jerod has been making the commute every weekend. Thankfully the snow storms have been during the week and not when he has needed to travel home.

Joel and Angela- are settling into the schedule and life at PQQ.

Jeremy is working on getting a Captain’s License, now required, to drive the launch. The family is moving with him to an interior town the first part of March to attend a three month captain’s course. Pray for them as they make one more move.

Julie and Sam- March 15th is their departure date for S.E. Asia.

With thankful hearts for
friends like you,
Phil and Cindy Ketcham

KS group

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As you are probably beginning to realize our summer was VERY busy!

Soon after our 2 sons and their families arrived, we were blessed to have a group from KS come.   They helped do many projects around the school!

WE enjoyed them greatly and are VERY thankful for their excellent help!

Here is a glimpse of all that they did!




Jeremy and Macy

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river-front-073river-front-090A week after Joel and Angela arrived, Jeremy and Macy with their 4 kids joined us!   They also, joined the team here as the school and will be here helping us this year before heading off to study Portugues!  We are also excited to have them on the team!

Please pray for them:

  • As they adjust
  • keep up with a busy schedule
  • build new relationships

Joel and Angela

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img_0285Joel and Angela with their three kids came in June to join the team here at the school! We are excited to have them on the team!

They stopped by for a month before heading on to study Portuguese!   What fun and full days we all had playing with animals, swimming, and going on adventures!

Please pray for them:

  • as they (kids and parents) study the language and culture
  • make many adjustments
  • build new relationships

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