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(Use “Upload/Insert” to add a photo here) Welcome to myMinistry blogs. This is your first post.  Posts show up on …

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(Use “Upload/Insert” to add a photo of you or your family here) This is a “page,” not a blog post.  DO NOT delete pages or change their names.  The exact page name is necessary for your theme to display the correct menu graphic.  The page ID is necessary for your page to be included in your top menu. If you do not want a page to show on your blog, change the “Status” from “Published” to “Draft” and click the blue “Update” button. This page is what a visitor finds when they click on the “ABOUT” link from your top navigation. To edit this page, go to the Pages tab on your WordPress dashboard and Edit the About page. The ABOUT page is where a first-time visitor would come to learn basic information about you and your ministry.  People who have visited your blog before or already know you are not likely to visit this page.  Use “posts” for regular updates and the About “page” for information about you or your ministry that will remain the same for several months or years. Start with what you are doing right now, and if you want to include your testimonies or history include that in reverse chronological order. …

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