Dec 2014 Family

In mid-2009 our family left the Madang province where we served for nearly three years and joined a team of two couples working among the North Wahgi people located in the Jiwaka province of Papua New Guinea.

The people of North Wahgi, like many areas in the highlands have been highly missionized, but not evangelized. Their ancestral beliefs have been syncretized along with what partial truths and false gospels they have been taught. This has largely resulted in a group of people who view God in the same light as they view the ancestral spirits, believing that He can be manipulated in order to get a desired outcome.

In November 2011 our team kicked off the first phase of the chronological Bible teaching. After just over 7 weeks of daily teaching, we taught on the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. While the majority of those attending the teaching have fallen away, the Lord has blessed us with a small handful of believers who have continued coming to the teaching and we can see tremendous growth in them. Pray for these ones to continue to be faithful to coming and being fed from the Bread of Life.