Our continued Hot water woes and Jim’s health

Our Hot water system was still not working. Our Tech guy, Josh Simmons, made two trips up to work on …

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Alot of Death

Since our last update which I had trouble posting due to internet issues, we have had another death in our …

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December News!

Happy New Year as well. Here are some highlights of what’s been happening in the last two months.
Down for …

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We returned to the Dom people of Papua New Guinea in October of 2015.  We have settled back into ministry.  Jim continues to revise teaching lessons and working on Old Testament lessons.  Judy is making sure that our literacy program is all updated and is teaching a class of 12 students.  The Dom New Testament (a provisional copy) is being well used.  Our plans are to have the New Testament dedication service August 26, Lord willing. Judy hopes to start her women’s meeting back up soon. Our History Jim and Judy met during missionary training in 1979.  We married in 1980 and went to Papua New Guinea in January of 1982. Jim grew up in Southern California, but for Judy being an MK from Papua New Guinea, this was going back home. Rather than start a new work we joined one already in progress among the Dom speaking people of the Highlands.    There was a local church raised up already from the efforts of previous missionaries.   So after completing language and culture study in 1985 Jim began teaching and discipling the Dom Christians and gearing up for translation.  27 years later, we can look back and see the grace of…

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