When there is no Word

A missionary of 40 years was trying to elicit a word for forgiveness.  He had arrived, decades before, as a …

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Why Lose Sleep Over It?

One of the biggest culture events that we’ve gotten to dip our toes into so far was a feast that …

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Welcome Invasion

We were alerted to the presence of the invaders when Cali went out back to check on her bird. …

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We are Jevon, Danica, Cali, Karina, and Isaiah Rich. Jevon grew up in the jungle of South America, hunting and fishing with indigenous friends. He loved his childhood, his home, and his companions, but his real life experience also taught him the grim truth that life in the jungle without God is no closer to paradise than life anywhere else without God. After graduating from high school, he decided that a life worth living was a life dedicated to serving God, and headed to New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha, WI to study the Bible and prepare for missions in tribal contexts. That’s where he met Danica. She had grown up in a whole different hemisphere than he did, but God had put missions in her heart, too. As a four year old she had come to understood the truth about her own sin and Christ’s gift of salvation. And when she heard that there were people in the world who had no chance of hearing the message of Christ unless someone went to them, she just knew that when she grew up she would be going somewhere far away to tell somebody about Jesus. As she was wrapping up…

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