Merry Christmas from the four Devines!

Merry Christmas to all our Family and Friends!
We have enjoyed many celebrations of Christ’s birth this Christmas as …

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Arrival of Naomi Cherylanne Devine!

We have the great joy to announce the birth of our baby, Naomi Cherylanne …

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Exciting Times!

Apple picking, unpacking, beauty of fall in New England, fresh apple cider, visits with family nearby, crisp mornings, apple cider …

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On our way to PNG via a windy San Francisco, visiting family. How did a young man from Nova Scotia’s fishing community and a woman from the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts end up together, serving God in Papua New Guinea! 🙂 The answer can only be… in God’s perfect, timely and loving plan. Jacob loved his childhood in Nova Scotia… living very close to all his extended family in a small town right on the ocean, the fresh air of the ocean, building forts in the woods, eating fish almost every day and Lobster every Christmas… His dad was a captain of a fishing boat. His grandpa was a captain of a fishing boat… so many thought perhaps Jacob would follow in those footsteps. But life changed when his parents moved to New Brunswick to attend Bible School. And life took another huge turn when the Devine family moved to Bolivia for a year to work at the Missionary kids’ school with NTM. After moving back from Bolivia Jacob home-schooled which freed him up to join his uncle on a fishing boat for a few lobster seasons. He learned a lot during this time and knew he would go on…

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