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A PNG Summer

Posted by David and Shari Ogg on Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Our church team from California arrived!

Esther’s visit

What an encouraging summer it has been here in PNG! It started when Esther arrived from California in June and we were able to go with a group of missionary friends (18 of us all together) to climb Mt. Wilhelm, the tallest mountain in PNG. Everyone in our family except Jason and Shari made it to the summit and back to base camp in about 13 hours. (Shari and Jason stayed at base camp where there is a beautiful lake).

After a fun but rainy, cold few days, It was so special having all four kids home this summer! we flew to thecoast and spent a week at the ocean where it was a lot warmer. Esther enjoyed being able to snorkel and dive with us again after being gone a couple of years.


More Open Doors

Posted by David and Shari Ogg on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Simbari kids

We have been so thrilled with the open doors the Lord is giving the Simbari believers to share the good news of Christ\’s love not only in our village but in the surrounding villages as well.

Recently two of the Bible teachers were invited to the largest Simbari village about a four-hour rigorous hike from here to meet with the headmaster of the community school there. For quite awhile now he has been expressing his desire to have God\’s talk brought to his village. The people have been exposed to some religion and in fact there is a big “church” building but he says it leaves them feeling cold. (more…)

A Baby Healed

Posted by David and Shari Ogg on Monday, June 1st, 2009

a lady sees God`s power in the healing of her child

David\’s translation helper told us a story about something really neat that happened recently at the other village where the believers were meeting together for a time of fellowship.

He said there was a lady whose baby had been sick and was having a hard time breathing. All of a sudden the baby became lifeless and started foaming at the mouth and the mother believed her to be dead. So she quickly took her baby to some men who are with another religious group in the area and asked them to pray for her. Surprisingly they told her to take her baby over to the house where the believers in Jesus were meeting and ask them to pray for her. This village has seen God do some amazing things when the believers pray,    (more…)