My Story & My Training

My name is Crystal Pierce and I was raised in Baker City, Oregon. I became a Christian at a very young age, but as I continue to grow in my relationship with Christ, I understand more of my need for a Savior.

Growing up I can remember hearing about missions from some missionaries that were working in a tribe in Asia-Pacific. They had taught chronologically through the Bible and presented the gospel, and believers were born. These believers wanted to be baptized, and one woman told the missionary that she thought she was going to have to spend three days under the water, just as Jesus spent three days in the tomb. So, the missionaries went back and explained to her how baptism was a momentary expression of their identification with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. That was the first time that I remember hearing about people outside of my hometown becoming Christians and that there were still more people that had never heard of Jesus.

Following high school, I attended New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin and received a wonderful foundation by being taught the Word of God. I was taught chronologically beginning with Creation and continuing through the Old and New Testaments ending with Revelation. I spent two years home in Oregon working, spending time with my church, and praying for laborers to go to the missions fields. Then within a period of two weeks I became the “laborer” sent to the Missionary Training Center in Missouri with a desire to see remote people groups hear the Gospel. While attending the Missionary Training Center in Missouri, I learned skills and techniques that can be used to help plant a New Testament indigenous church in another country and another culture. I also received training in learning how to face culture shock, living in a foreign country, unwritten language and culture, and more.

How will I fit in?
The first opportunity the tribal people may have to see Jesus is through my own relationship with them and also with the other missionaries This is one reason why my growing walk with Christ is very important.
Relationships with the people will grow in the years spent studying their tribal culture & language, and preparing for teaching. Trust develops as church planters give medical help and teach the people to read and write.

God is forming me to be a part of a tribal church planting team. As a valued member of a team I will be able to assist in:


  • Minor Medical work
  • Assist in creating curriculum & teaching literacy
  • Assist in Bible lesson preparation
  • Continued building of relationships
  • Meeting with women and children to explain the Bible lessons
  • Discipling women and children in a growing walk with Christ



In February 2010, I moved to Mexico with my dear friend, Amy Heckman.  We both began studying Spanish and learning about the Mexican culture.  Within a year and a half we finished our formal time in Spanish and were freed to join other ministries in Mexico.  Amy began dating and would eventually marry Hector, which that left me without a co-worker to move to a tribe.  Because of an urgent need in the Mexican Missionary Training Center, I joined the team there and began helping out.

I spent almost two years at the “Ranch”, and while still having a desire to serve in a tribe, I found a team in Baja California that needed a single female.  In 2013 I packed up my house, spent 3.5 months in Oregon on a very short furlough, and then moved to Baja California.  Once I arrived in Baja, I moved into a house, starting buying furniture, and setting up my home.  But within a matter of days, my single co-worker told me that she was pregnant.  Which meant that she was disqualified and resigned from NTM.  After numerous meetings with leadership and my pastor, through much prayer, we made the decision that I needed to leave Baja and head back to Chihuahua.  Once in Chihuahua I rejoined the Ranch team and picked up my old ministries.

I’m currently serving as a teacher, supply buyer, discipler, in the business office, and much more.  Some day I would like to go and work in a tribal area here in Mexico, but until that happens, I want to be faithful in the area and ministry that God has given me.