English Practicum

We finished our English Practicum on December 4th! Our students worked for three weeks using a language learning technique that …

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My parents came to visit!!!

This month my parents came down to Chihuahua for ten days.  While it wasn’t their first trip to Mexico, …

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Trip to the Mountains

In September we took the students on a four day trip to the mountains.  We visited two of our …

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My Story & My TrainingMy name is Crystal Pierce and I was raised in Baker City, Oregon. I became a Christian at a very young age, but as I continue to grow in my relationship with Christ, I understand more of my need for a Savior. Growing up I can remember hearing about missions from some missionaries that were working in a tribe in Indonesia. They had taught chronologically through the Bible and presented the gospel, and believers were born. These believers wanted to be baptized, and one woman told the missionary that she thought she was going to have to spend three days under the water, just as Jesus spent three days in the tomb. So, the missionaries went back and explained to her how baptism was a momentary expression of their identification with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. That was the first time that I remember hearing about people outside of my hometown becoming Christians and that there were still more people that had never heard of Jesus. Following high school, I attended New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin and was grounded in the Word of God. I was taught chronologically beginning with Creation and continuing through the…

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