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Posted by Paul and Susan Olmstead on Monday, April 7th, 2014

We had 16 new missionaries on our Monday morning “MPD Caffeine” call today! Praise the Lord!

We trust each was encouraged in their journey…MPD journey and daily life.

God is truly moving in amazing ways with our current NTM group that is preparing to GO. Right now we have appx. 70 Units (1 unit = a single, a couple, or a family). Praise the Lord! 50 of those from within the USA. 20 from outside the USA.

Please pray for these folks as they prepare to GO! Pray for new Ministry Partners that will get them to that 100% funded finish line.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

For more information about NTM and NTM GO opportunities, please visit:

Kontext in March 2014

Posted by Theo and Martha Enns on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

That is: “CONTEXT with a capital K.”

           That’s what one of our missionary training teachers kept saying to us 32 years ago, to make it stick. Well, today, knowing the Haitian CONTEXT is still very critical. For example, the Creole word “lapè” means both “fear” and “peace.” So how will the Haitians understand the context in Matthew 10:34? “Do not think that I came to bring fear/peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace/fear but a sword.”

As we develop the Bible curriculum for grade 3 students, we need to be aware of their Creole context (since they speak Creole at home) and their level of French comprehension (since they’re supposed to be taught in French at school.) This complicates how we teach Truth, and which vocabulary to use to communicate the right meaning in a relevant way.

Martha also has a unique context in her ministry (more…)

Did we reach our end of the year goal of 50% support?

Posted by Ryan and Chelsea Farran on Monday, January 6th, 2014


Posted by Jack and Lael Crabtree on Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Maile, Namoleya, and Suduwama–three elders from an ex-unreached tribal group called Bisorio share how the Gospel came to them and send a powerful message to the American church.



Posted by Ryan and Chelsea Farran on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Visiting PNG = CLARITY

Posted by Jack and Lael Crabtree on Monday, November 18th, 2013

As most of you know, I was able to visit Papua New Guinea this summer, and to say the trip was well worth it would be an epic understatement. God provided an incredible measure of clarity and peace for me as our family plans to move to PNG this summer. I’ve tried encapsulate my tip into a few different snapshots that you’ll see below:

Papua New Guinea is our future home

This view of the highlands was breathtaking as we flew to visit a mature tribal church in the mountains. We landed in a 206 on the grass airstrip without a problem!

PNG is called the land of the unexpected for a reason. I’ve never been anywhere with such a severe juxtaposition of tribal poverty and modern technology. In the highlands, I was able to Facetime with Lael from the top of a mile-high ridge! Many tribal people have cell phones but no way to charge them. The country is a place of pure transition, but there are still many remote pockets that have received little influence from the outside world. Port Moresby, the capitol city, has been the murder capitol of the world, yet the people outside the cities tended to be incredibly warm and generous. I visited every New Tribes center in Papua New Guinea, and was able to meet the missionaries who will be running our national culture and language program when we arrive in country next summer. I also soaked up as much wisdom as I could hold for building our tribal house.

Lead quietly and follow a big God

This image sums up the situation in PNG: Many tribes are asking for missionaries to come share God's Talk with them...we just don't have enough missionaries to send to them all! Let's all keep praying to the Lord of the harvest. Thanks to all of you have have partnered with us as we go to those who have never heard!

Our family will most likely be working in the Sepik region of the country, and I was able to spend a fair bit of time with some of the Sepik leadership. Many of these guys have phased out of their tribal works or are in the process of doing so after about ten years! This means they’ve finished Bible translation, ordained tribal elders, and handed the church over to the people! They’re moving into the background and allowing the tribal believers to step into the forefront. I feel incredibly blessed to know Lael and I will have leadership who have been there, done it, and know the necessity of walking with God through it all!

Keep your eyes fixed on the finish

Left to right: Maile (Bisorio elder/teacher), Noe Martinez (future missionary to PNG), me, Namoleya (Bisorio elder/teacher), Jeremy Hambrice (future missionary to PNG), Bob Kennell (missionary to both the Bisorio and Malaumanda people...he's finishing his second tribal Bible translation), George Walker (missionary to the Bisorio people and one of our instructors at the Missionary Training Center), Suduwama (Bisorio elder/teacher)

Miraculously, God worked out flights between three different flight agencies so we could visit a mature tribal work. I was able to meet three living legends: Maile, Suduwama, and Namolia. These guys were from the Bisorio tribe and have been believers for more than 25 years. I was humbled by their walk, wisdom, and focus on eternity. They have evangelized their entire people group. Every single village. We were privileged to hang out with the two men, Bob Kennell and George Walker, who took the Gospel to the Bisorio. I’ve seen the fruits of walking with God to the finish in a church plant.

We serve the most faithful Provider

We were blessed to spend several days with Jack Housley. He and his wife have been in PNG for more than 30 years. God has used their faithful support work for the church-planters here to encourage those church planters help them stick it out on the field!

I met so many amazing people during my 3.5 week time in PNG, and they didn’t hold back or sugar-coat missionary life. Many had endured sickness, threats, team conflict, depression, and culture shock, but they held to their Father and have experienced His provision. It’s no secret that Satan is not a fan of what our family will be doing. We need you guys to be praying for us!

Out of sight but in our hearts

Noe and I tried to lend a hand on a few building project the Pei team needed help with. As much as we tried to encourage them, their focus on the goal during hard times and their incredible team spirit encouraged our hearts even more!

I was fortunate to be able to visit some friends of ours who have just moved into an unreached tribe called the Pei people. They’ve just finished building their tribal houses and have had their first culture and language evaluation. We were able to bring their entire team a large care-package from the States! It was awesome to see the difference the connection back home made! It was also a blessing for us to be able to witness what life will look like in about a year’s time. The sober reality hit me as I was walking back from the village and realized that one of the old men who was sick would most likely die before the team would be able to learn his language. We have an urgent task ahead of us.

Don’t bother if you won’t finish

Maile, humble servant; spiritual giant

Maile, a Bisorio tribal church elder, told me that many missionaries come to PNG and leave before the task is finished. He said to stay home, if we weren’t going to finish the job. This is going to take all of us working together! Thank you for choosing to be a vital member of our team!

A MUSING – By Susan Olmstead

Posted by Paul and Susan Olmstead on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Deciding to home school the boys has been a process. Honestly, if you had asked me a couple years ago if I would have ever considered homeschooling Austen, Alex, and Zeb – my answer would have been a resounding “NO!”. Oh how God can change a person’s heart. What I thought started changing my mind was that I didn’t feel Alex was challenged by school. Coupled with struggling with anxiety, socially, etc., we began to think about homeschooling him as a solution to having a happier boy. Then, as we joined New Tribes Missions (NTM), it seemed it might become a necessity.  In early 2013, we switched Alex to virtual school. Having him in virtual school prompted us to look at ALL of our options for all three boys. We weighed the pros and cons of virtual school, public school, and home school. Meanwhile, God continued to move me in the direction of wanting more for my kids when it came to His presence in what they learned. We are thrilled at the curriculum options offered that have God at the center, and excited about the curriculum we will be using this next school year.

Over the past couple month’s we’ve been talking with families that have been home schooling for a length of time. What a wonderful resource to know several families whose children have either been completely home schooled OR mostly home schooled. They have been such an encouragement and a wealth of knowledge as we finalized our decisions. We chose the curriculum and placed our orders. While the boys have just been “done with school” (as is to be expected after just finishing the year), I waited for the boxes with heavy anticipation. I love books! I enjoy learning. I also enjoy organizing. As the boxes came, I opened them right away. I have been excitedly looking through textbooks, workbooks, novels, etc., Alex and Austen’s attitudes have slowly started to shift to excitement. First, they just watched me as I repeatedly beckoned for them to come look at this or that, thinking I must be somewhat nuts. Now, I think by the time September rolls around they will be eager to get started. (Zeb also loves to learn, but he usually has his nose in a book at some point every day so he is constantly learning new words and ideas.)

I have really started to delve into the lessons for each course. How long each lesson might take to learn, and how that translates into weeks, and so on. Suddenly, I started to feel a little unsure about all of this. What if it doesn’t all play out like it is supposed to? What if the kids are bored and unhappy? I know schooling is important for Alex and Zeb right now, but Austen is going into 9th grade! This is “for real” for him. What if I mess it all up!  Ummm, maybe this isn’t such a good idea! Then God reminded me that He has brought us to this, and He will bring us through it (I. Thes. 5:24).  Sounds like something we would say during a time of trial right? I don’t view this as a trial really, but it is a little scary. I am certain though that this is how He wants us to school our boys this next year. We’re going to do our thing and He will be right smack dab in the middle of it, just as He should be.

I am looking forward to spending more time with my boys each day. I look forward to seeing their faces as they learn new ideas.  I look forward to re-learning what I may have forgotten. I look forward to practicing our Spanish together in the car as we travel across the country to the next individual, family, or church God wants us to share our ministry with. I am sure I’ll have more of those moments where I’ll wish my friends had scheduled an intervention when we decided to home school.  However, I also know that God will once again remind me why we made the choice. I’ll probably fret that I’m doing this all wrong, but then realize that there is more than one “right way”. My boys and my husband will roll their eyes at me when my Type A personality rears its ugly head and the notebook isn’t in the order I think makes the most sense.

Most of all, as we need to travel, we will be together doing the Kingdom-building work God has called us to do.


Posted by Ryan and Chelsea Farran on Sunday, July 14th, 2013



20,000 Facebook Fans

Posted by David Abbott on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Clicking on the photo will take you to the NTM Facebook page.

David’s goal for New Tribes Mission’s Facebook page in the month of May has been to reach 20,000 fans.  Its is not for the sake of numbers, but because the numbers represent more people who are being informed about what God is doing among unreached people groups.


keeping those suitcases free of dust…

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Yep, it’s time to get out our suitcases again. We are preparing for an important trip to Bolivia. We leave the end of this month for Bolivia. One project we’ve been working on is to update the literacy training that missionary candidates receive and then to train the trainers. This trip to Bolivia is a part of that process. (more…)