Enjoying Oregon

We feel so blessed to have this time in Oregon.  God has given us WONDERFUL re-connect time with friends and …

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We Still Have a Truck

Well, I posted a story saying that God sold the truck, so it is kind of a bummer to have …

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Orphanage Fun

We absolutely love helping out at the orphanage twice a week.  What a privilege it has been to serve the …

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Our desire is to be a part of planting churches among people who have never EVER had an opportunity to hear the truth about Jesus Christ in their own language. Step One: Training and Prefield Ministry:  After two years of Biblical studies, one year of studying how to plant a New Testament church cross-culturally, and one year of studying how to learn unwritten languages, we graduated from New Tribes Language Institute in May 2005 with our Bachelor of Arts degrees in Intercultural Ministries.  Following our graduation, we spent two years serving in our home church in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and traveling to other churches to present our ministry and raise up partners who would pray for us and support us.  During this time we also finalized passports, immunizations, etc. Step Two: National Language and Culture Study:  We crossed the border into Mexico on July 2nd, 2007.  We jumped right in to learning Mexican culture and Spanish, which was quite an adventure.  While studying spanish, we enjoyed the privilege of working in two orphanages and working on a myriad of construction projects, etc.  Spanish study was a time of clarification for Aaron, as he realized that languages are not his strong…

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