Another month of teaching

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Pai people studying the Word.

In May we finished up the month long teaching that we regularly do here among the Pai. There were 7 families that attended who were not from the local area here. Some of these couples were already believers and some were not. The Bible teaching was divided into 2 groups. Ephesians & 1 Corinthians were taught to one group of people that are already believers. The other group was taught the phase 1 foundational teaching (creation to Christ’s death & resurrection). This teaching is for those that are unbelievers or have an unclear understanding of salvation. At the end of the teaching we heard several testimonies that were of great encouragement to all of us teachers. One young married lady in particular gave a clear testimony of salvation.

"I didn’t realize until now that I had been living in spiritual darkness all my life" was one of the things she said. "Because I’m trusting in Christ paying for my sins on the cross God has put me in His family and taken me out of Satan’s family". 

Pray for Zuni and her husband Ricardo. Ricardo says he is understanding better the Gospel message but that it’s not totally clear to him yet.


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