CRB (Curso Rapido Biblico)

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Missionary bringing Pai people to the CRB teaching.


  This is the name of the month long teaching session we do as a team among the Pai. We teach 4 different Bible classes during the main sessions.  We also teach many other topical subjects as well.  We missionaries do this with the help of the Pai men & women otherwise it would be an impossible task.

  There were 9 couples and some singles that were able to come from farther away. They came to hear the teaching and for learning how to teach the Phase 1 teaching so they can teach their own people in their community.  Some were brought by other missionaries travelling all day to get here.  The Pai believers are happy to host the visitors that come to study for the month knowing that it will truly help the visitors spiritually.


CRB (Curso Rapido Biblico)



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