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Pai wedding

Last weekend I had the priviledge of participating in the wedding of 2 Paĩ young people.
This wedding was …

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What do you do with your old shoes?
If you were a Pai tribal person you would be careful about where you left your old shoes or even clothes and especially hair. These items could be used for casting a spell on you upon which you would then die. This is the scenario that recently presented itself here among the Pai.

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  The Pai are a tribe of about 13,000.  The government has designated land for them to live on.  This is not in just one location but rather in 70 communities or colonies scattered over a large area. They do not live in villages on these colonies but are spread out with different families living separate from each other.  Consequently the missionaries must do a lot of small group teaching rather than teaching in a large village type setting.   There are 3 locations where NTM has established churches among the Pai.  At this time my ministry would be described in the following ways;     1  THE LOCAL PAI CHURCH     I am involved with the teaching & discipling of the believers in the local church.  The teaching of unbelievers is being done by the believers themselves and we missionaries have little involvement in this area. 2  OUTREACH & PARTNERING The Pai are to the place where they are able to teach & disciple their own people.  This means not only those close by but farther away.  They are also ready to minister to other similar tribes.  There are 3 tribes that are similar in language & culture.  The Pai are one…

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