Highway Travel

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Recently I went to the “bush” to help build a house for a couple who are moving into a tribe. The work is in a drive in location so that meant a trip up the Highlands Highway. This is the main & only road connecting cities in the Highlands. I really enjoy going into the tribes and spending time with missionaries but actually dread the drive to and from.

It was 62 miles to the job site from our center with about 52 miles of that being the “highway.” Driving as fast as possible while still being safe, the trip normally takes 3 hours. While the scenery is absolutely gorgeous, there is little time to view it even by the passengers. All are constantly on the lookout for “potholes” (here they can be the size of a car) and landslides that can take out the entire road as well as other drivers who have no concern for their safety or the safety of others. The road is very rough and you are bounced around for most of the trip. Framing a house is getting harder to recuperate from as I get older but the “ride to work” is the hardest part. I much prefer the fly in locations!