Our “Maytag Repair Men”

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First of all, he is definitely not bored here!  Kirsten’s washing machine malfunctioned (no it is not a rock at the creek as some of you may think) and since our “Maytag Man” here on the center is so busy keeping the center stuff going, I tried to fix it myself.  When that didn’t go as planned, I carried it to Bill (Maytag Man) and begged for help.  Bill, fearing Kirsten would have to start using the rock in the creek, went to work on it right away.  When he ran into a problem, he contacted the manufacturer in Australia with a few questions.  They refused to give him any tech support over the phone but offered to send out a service guy!  What part of “we are in Papua New Guinea” did they not understand?  After research online, Bill found someone in New Zealand who was willing and able to answer his questions.  After that he gave me the list of parts we needed and I contacted our “guy” in Australia to purchase them.  NTM has a chartered flight coming up from there in about a week so we are hopeful the needed parts will be on it.  If not it may be another 6 weeks or so before there is another flight available.  In case you lost count, that’s 3 countries(separated by lots of water) and 4 guys involved in repairing one washing machine!  All this to keep Kirsten’s life as comfortable as possible here.  I love it when a plan comes together.