Music to my Ears

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Kirsten & I were shopping the other day at one of my favorite stores.  It’s a grocery store that also has a small amount of electronics, tools, clothes and assorted other items.  This of course is why it is one of my favorites.  Another reason it is a favorite is because they blast music throughout the store.  Most of the time its rock n roll which really pleases me but sometimes it is hip hop which I am not too excited about.  The main thing is it is American & familiar so it brings about a smile.

Hearing the music in this store is so common I rarely stop to think how strange it is to be hearing my kind of tunes in PNG.    On this particular trip I did have to stop and think, “Is this for real?”  I’m not sure of the artist or the title of the song but do know the genre is country.  Maybe you have heard the song, one line in it says, “I want to check you for ticks.”  I guess the moral of the story here is no matter how far from home I go, (the farthest ends of the earth) I can’t escape being reminded of my heritage – Southern Redneck!