Music from around the world

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How does listening to music and watching dancers from across the globe sound?  I got to do just that on Saturday at the International Festival in Madison.  You would have loved the colorful costumes, the different music, and the dancing.  And if that’s not up your alley, maybe the Kung Fu fighters would have appealed more to you.  Here are a few pictures of musicians from around the world (including West Africa!).

Russian orchestra

We listened to this Russian orchestra. If you click on the picture you can look closer at the interesting instruments.


Lithuanian Dancers

These Lithuanian dancers did a great job and reminded me of "The Sound of Music."


Dancers and Musicians from Ghana

Ghana is in West Africa, and here we got to listen to music and see dancers from Ghana. They sure had a strong drum beat!


Kora Player

The kora is an instrument from West Africa (the closest they have to a harp), and this musician from Mali played it for us.