Learning the Moi language and culture, building deep friendships with the Moi, helping them medically, and living amongst them have all been what keep our days busy in Moi.

Steve keeps busy translating Scripture into Moi and teaching God’s Word to them. Teaching


Carolyn homeschools, teaches the Moi literacy, and enjoys interacting with the Moi ladies whenever she can.

Carolyn with Damebeo

We are privileged to have two wonderful families as coworkers.  Rich and Karen Brown come from Dayton, Ohio. They fill a vital role on the team, along with their three beautiful daughters Atalee, Alyssa, and Ashlynn.  Andi and Lieke Panambunan are our national coworkers. They have been working with us in Moi from the time we first went into Moi.  They have daughters: Noel and Tyana.

 The Moi team