My Fair Lady

If I’m ever able to actually learn this language and play a role in seeing a church raised up among the Iski people, then it will be in large part due to my wife.

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When it Rains, it Pours

Normally, I try to keep things more or less upbeat on our little blog. You know, a little sarcasm …

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Troubled Times

Every once in a while life is especially sucky. Like this weekend, for instance.

This weekend, Francis* came back to our village and now everybody is upset. And not the kind of upset that can be resolved over a cup of coffee and a short chat. This is the kind of agitation that has everybody arming themselves with bows and arrows and spears before they walk to their gardens.

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Honestly, there’s not a whole lot for us to say, in the way of introductions. For the most part, we’re just your average, everyday family. We like to read together, camp together, cook together (“togetherness” is kind of a big deal for us). We like super-hero movies, Calvin and Hobbes, and pirate paraphernalia.  We have three awesome little boys, who love to wrestle, play in the dirt, and read their books. (Not that any of them can actually read yet, but they LOVE to sit and flip through the pages!) We met at New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan in 2007 and got married in August 2009. We’ve each completed four years of training with NTM, which included in-depth Bible study, as well as cross-cultural ministry preparation. We moved to Papua New Guinea in August of 2014 to take part in bringing the Gospel to a people group that had yet to have the message of salvation taught in their language. In February 2015, after spending 8 months learning the trade language, we joined the newly opened NTM work among the Iski people. The Iski live in the lowlands (swamps) of the Madang Province and number between 10,000 –…

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