Why We Live in Thailand

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Ric and Sharon Bruce

Ric and Sharon Bruce

Recently someone on Facebook asked us, “I’m sure that you have written about it, but what is your ministry over in Thailand?” Her question made me realize we probably don’t reiterate this important point often enough. Or at the very least we can’t say it too many times. Here’s the scoop:

We left the United States six months ago to plant churches in Thailand with New Tribes Mission. Before leaving we dedicated five years of our lives to training with New Tribes, preparing our hearts and sharing our vision all over the US. Currently we live in Chiang Mai learning Thailand’s national language and and adjusting to its unique culture. Our plan is to move to Thailand’s Northeast region near Laos in two years to begin church planting, Bible translation and/or curriculum development in an unreached people group.

Our current “ministry” involves building relationships with Thai people, getting to know the Thai church and traveling to various established ministries to observe what they do. For example today I went to a seminary and Thursday we’re headed to an orphanage. Although we’re the boots on the ground learning a new language, immersed in a new culture and meeting new friends you’ve been with us from the beginning praying for us, supporting us financially and encouraging us. We couldn’t do it without your help.

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  1. Ric and Sharon  April 19, 2011

    We haven’t been officially invited to join a work yet Dave. It will be another year or so before we know but I’ve never heard the Kui mentioned as a possibility.

  2. David  April 19, 2011

    I have a friend here in Cambodia working among the Kui… He saw your facebook post and was wondering what group you were looking at in Thailand’s Northeast region. He was curious because there are Kui there as well. He was hoping to get connected with you guys. He is with M.U.P.