Now There’s a Cheery Thought

 Death? Ewww! I don’t want to think about that, you say. My sentiments exactly.
Until this morning …
Today the thought that usually …

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Give me simplicity or give me death!

In our heart of hearts, we all long for simplicity. No one goes, “Oh, I wish my life were more …

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Burgett Gazette New Years 2012

“Honey? I know you said that one of the kids probably left them there. But since they’ve all gone …

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25th Anniversary! Working Together for Something Eternal  Rand\’s Ministry: You cannot walk into a computer store or search the internet in hopes of buying software that will assist you in learning difficult tribal languages or aid your understanding of complicated tribal cultures. Yet, that is exactly what tribal church planters need. So missionaries must custom design it for other missionaries. That is what Rand is doing. And it is exciting! The project called CLAware, which Rand came to the New Tribes Mission USA Home Office in Sanford, Florida to develop, has been released to waiting arms. And it is good. Missionaries are ordering or downloading it as fast as they can. Here is a simple explanation as to why: “CLA” stands for “Culture and Language Acquisition.” New Tribes missionaries are required to meet four levels of culture acquisition before they are allowed to begin the Bible teaching in a tribe. Why? Because they can’t start to solve the problem (what the people don’t know to believe) until they know what the problem is (what the people do believe). A missionary must be intimately aquainted with what the tribal people think and believe before he can teach and refute those beliefs…

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