The little blessings

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Sometimes it is the little blessings that remind me that God is in control.

I had several chapters of translation that I needed to check for comprehension with a Nahuatl speaker other than the lady who helped me translate.  So, I asked Bernie to come help me one afternoon.  She is an extremely sharp young woman who has a great memory, an eye for detail, and will tell me straight if something doesn’t sound right or if she doesn’t understand something.

So, I engaged her one afternoon.  I had a lot of work, probably at least 2 hours’ worth.  Bernie can totally handle 2 hours of working through material, but her two toddler boys cannot.  They are loud and rambunctious like 2 little boys should be.  So, I wasn’t sure how long the translation checking session would actually last.

When we plan for afternoon language help, it usually means the person arrives between 4-5pm.  Well, right after lunch, Bernie showed up at the door.  She only had her youngest son with her!  I thanked God because he is able to play by himself without interrupting us much.

Bernie has a great memory and is a stickler for details. She makes a great helper for checking understandability and readability of the translation.

After a little chitchat, we began to work through the first chapter.  Her little boy crawled up in her lap and fell asleep.  She laid him on the couch, and we continued through the rest of the chapters, getting everything done with no interruptions!  I thanked God again, for the quiet house so we could concentrate.

When we were done, she scooped up her son, tied him to her back, and went home.  Within a half hour, the afternoon rain came.  Hard and steady.  The rains came early that day, and lasted for a long time.  If Bernie hadn’t come when she did, she never would have come because it would have been raining too hard and she wouldn’t have been able to cross the creek to get to my house.  So, I thanked God again for being in control even of when people come to the house and bringing Bernie at just the perfect time!


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