5 Years Ago

This past weekend we celebrated our fifth anniversary! River had her first sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma’s house and we …

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The River Update

Our little girl is 9 months old now! She recently got her top two teeth and discovered the excitement of clapping. …

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Off The Grid 2015

The last couple of months have been increasingly busy for us. We returned home in May and since then have …

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Pete grew up a country boy in the small town of Elsie, Michigan.  Carly grew up in London, Ontario.  We were married in September 2010 and our daughter River was born in October 2014.  Currently we work with New Tribes Mission in Ontario with their Mobilization department.  We were both saved at a young age and grew up with the challenge of tribal missions before us.  We are thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to serve Him in this way!  Our heart is for tribal people groups around the world and specifically for those in the Amazon Basin…they are forgotten people, abused people, neglected people; but they are beautiful and wise and they are loved and prized by Majesty!

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