Dr’s Appointments & Telephones

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It’s amazing what five-and-a-half hours of
sleep can do for you!
J  Our trip to St Louis and back yesterday was an
“endurance trip”.  I started out NOT feeling good and held my “running conversation”
with God out loud a good portion of the time! — poor Paul!
J.  We spent about
a half hour with Dr. Riew and four visiting specialists from around the world
and how we praise the Lord for this VERY qualified man!  After studying
the MRI, taken a couple of days prior to my appointment and the six x-rays
taken that day, we are satisfied with the outcome.  The bottom line, after
answering many questions and pulling and pushing, pricking and scratching here
and there he said “….how would you prefer living the rest of your life? 
With the pain and discomfort, etc., that you are experiencing right now — or
with your neck fused and being unable to turn and bend it?”  Well — that
was a “no brainer” for me! My immediate response was — “STIFF NECKED!”
J  I lived that way
for almost a year after my last neck surgery — as I wore a “major”
neck brace for close to a year.  I’m willing to live that way — if
that is what it takes to get rid of this pain.


so — on July 21st, we will return to St. Louis for a CT scan of
the neck and another Dr’s appointment.  That means, I have 15 days until
we will likely find out the when, who and what of this surgery.  He says
that the last two vertebrae need to be fused as I have not “self-fused” as
hoped/expected since surgery two years ago.


straw that”broke this camel’s back” (pun intended
J) yesterday, was that I
lost my cell phone sometime in the morning — after leaving for St. Louis!
L  I think I wept
more over that silly phone than I did about the surgery!!!  How silly we
are, aren’t we?!  I’m just so “sad” that I’ve lost so many of my contact
numbers —- and I certainly don’t want to spend the money on a new
phone!  We searched — made multiple stops retracing our steps on our way
home — I pled with my Heavenly Father and he said “no” — and so I’m praying
that whoever took it will be “smitten” with guilt and be MISERABLE until they
return it
 And, of course, my God’s grace is sufficient for this also! 


you for praying for us yesterday!!!  I know it’s the only way we made it
through the day.  God is good — ALL the time!  And each one of you is a precious reminder of
His love and goodness!  We bow humbly before our God as we read SO many
“love notes” from you, telling us of your prayers and loving, sweet words of
encouragement.  I ended my day talking with my precious sister
(Kathleen Rasmussen) around midnight — and as always — she was a huge
encouragement to me!  We encouraged each
other “remembering the goodness and grace of our Lord”!  How can we help but PRAISE the Lord?! 
We are surrounded with seven of the sweetest grandchildren in the world who
love the Lord and desire to walk with Him!  Plus our “kids”, Todd, Chelle,
Starr and Matt are absolute treasures!  What a joy it is to have them
close by during this difficult time


God bless and encourage YOUR hearts today, also!