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Some of Our Latin Team

Some of Our Latin Team

Hello Dear Friends,

In recent days, we are witnessing the participation of many churches and Christians in the objective of communicating the gospel to those that haven’t heard. I just returned from a trip to a country where representatives from 26 churches held a missions conference to understand better how to establish churches among the indigenous people in their country and round the world.

Up until recently they had left this task to the foreign mission agencies. However, now they realize that the Great Commission” was given by Jesus to the church and they are aggressively engaging.

Each morning we listened to tribal church leaders reporting about the expansion of the church in their respective language group. They are reaching out establishing churches in other villages. I taught a session each day on the values we must have if we are to accomplish what God has given us to do.

Another person highlighted the necessity of learning the culture and language of the people with whom we work, in order that effective communication takes place. He used many examples from the culture of the people with whom he works to contrast the stark differences in the way we interpret the world around us and the ways we relate. Isn’t it a great joy to be part of this process?

We are witnesses to the fact that churches around the world are obeying the commandment of Jesus to “God into all the world…” This includes the tribal churches that we, including you, have been involved in establishing. We are living in exciting days!

Faith and I want to thank you for your participation with us, in this great privilege. Your financial support is a wonderful blessing to us and we could not be doing what we are without you!

As I sat and visited with these believers from several tribal groups and visited with Pastors and leaders from many churches in that country, I saw a more complete representation of the “Church, the body of Christ.” I wish that you could have been there with us!!!

Faith’s Corner

Healing is taking place. We’re happy that the pain is more controllable. Physical therapy is helping and she’s gaining strength. The swallowing has improved and also the strength of her voice. Thank you so much for praying for us. Little-by-little she is doing more.

Rejoicing in What He is Doing!
Paul and Faith Wyma