Update on Faith’s Neck Sugery

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Faith, Kathleen and Starr

Faith and I want to thank you for praying for us regarding Faith’s surgery today. After working on her neck for about 6 hours, the doctor let us know that he was able to stabilize and repair her vertebrae through the front (the throat area). Previously, He was planning to put rods in the back of her neck as part of this procedure. He chose not to do this and is trusting that what he’s done will fix the pain, numbness, shocks, weakness and alignment. He put in two plates, fusing six vertebrae. We thank God that this surgery is over! He told us that the recuperation time will be considerably shorter. She will heal faster since he didn’t need to open up the back of her neck. He said that her bones are soft so she will need to wear a neck brace for a couple of months. She has been moved from ICU to Step-Down ICU, where she will spend the night. The length of time she will need to be in the Step-down ICU Depends on how quickly she stabilizes. Another point for praise is the fact that she can talk, however weakly, and swallow although with considerable pain. We are so thankful for the fact that Faith’s sister, Kathleen Rasmussen, is here and so is our daughter, Starr. Starr has been recuperating from bronchitis in El Paso for almost a week and as she was feeling better, so called to see if she could be of any help. I assured her that if she could come; her mother and I would be most delighted!!! She needs to be out of the pressures of living in the tribe for a time, so we all see this as another part of God’s amazing love to allow us to be together at this important time. I have found having Starr and Kathleen being here to be a tremendous help to me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Todd and Chelle are hoping to come and visit tomorrow. Thank You for your prayers and love! Resting In His Grace, Paul for Faith too


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