Our Latest Family and Ministry Update

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The Greatest Need in Missions

This morning, we had a Prayer Emphasis chapel at the Missionary Training Center. Two periods of hearing about different NTM …

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It’s Happening! So, Now What?

Our quarterly ministry and family update: It’s Happening! So, Now What?

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About Us Liberty University, Evangelism Class, January 1993… The “Keeper of the Stars”, our Creator, our God, and our Lord had a plan, and He set that plan in motion with that first early morning class (Evangelism) at Liberty University (LU). The professor began our very first day of class by requesting we locate someone in the room near us, someone we did not know, and share our personal testimony.  I was sitting near the isle and no one one behind me or in front of me. However, in the same row, at the other end, no one in between us, sat a young lady I did not know–Susan Lynn Eigenhuis. She was in the same boat–no one in front or behind.  We looked at each other and commented, “guess it’s us. We shared our testimonies and chatted a bit until the professor gave us our next shocking “assignment”.  He stated, “the person you just met, they are your prayer partner for the semester.”  Over the following weeks we became really good friends, and over the next 2 years our friendship grew–best friends.  However, we were never a “dating” couple, truly “just friends”.  In fact, Susan’s mom asked her one…

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