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Reaching out to Tribal Indonesians through Aviation

We are headed back to Tennessee for Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas!!

“Mommy, I want grace”, was a statement Alaiyah made just a few days ago when an imminent corrective action was at hand. What a teachable moment for both of our hearts. Grace is a word we use a lot and yet it is a word that we can not even begin to understand except at the feet of our savior. It has been a busy four months here in Montana spending time with family and building new friendships. The Lord has allowed many opportunities to speak in churches, small groups, Awana clubs, and Sunday school classes. It has been great seeing people respond to the need of reaching the unreached. Many of whom have had no idea there were still thousands of unreached people groups that still don’t know of Christ or have the Bible in their own language.

Our time in Montana has also been a real growing experience for us as a family. It has united us like never before in a common direction and purpose. God has really been teaching us to just Trust His grace for each day and teaching us to wait and rest on Him. When things get busy or people respond differently than expected, we are learning how essential it is to rest in the gracious arms of our Savior. The girls are adjusting to all the changes in their lives. Alaiyah and Anikah have had fun taking swimming lessons and ballet (Thanks Nana and Papa), playing with their cousins and enjoying the great outdoors with Grandpa and Grandma- sledding in the snow for the first time. Even though they still ask us where our home is, they seem excited about the transition to, as our 2 year old, Anikah would say, “In Do knee zH UH”.

We sent off our first application for our visas to Indonesia and got a confirmation email that they received it. Thank you all so much for your prayers. We are so thankful for God’s hand. Once the consulate in Washington gets the OK from Indonesia we will apply for our permanent visa. We would ask for your prayers that there would be no issues with our initial application packet as the leadership in Indonesia and Consulate reviews it.

We are headed South on December 14th for a Tennessee Christmas with family and friends there. Please pray for our travels and that our van would run well and we wouldn’t have any difficulties. A huge prayer request is that God would totally allow us time to really share in Tennessee and the surrounding states. We will be in and around Tennessee until our departure for Indonesia in July so if you would like us to speak in your church or small group just give us a call or e-mail us.
We would love to hear from you.

May God bless all of you during this wonderful Christmas season as we celebrate our Saviors birth. Imagine if you had never heard of Jesus. Imagine how empty December would be if the whole month was nothing more than gifts, food and Santa Claus. There are millions of unreached people in this world who live that reality. Please pray that they will know Christ and His amazing Grace and that we ALL would share “LIFE” with them. Merry Christmas-We are so thankful for YOU in our life.

With much love and thanks as we celebrate Christ together,
Nathan, LaNada, Alaiyah and Anikah Tag

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Prayer requests as we prepare to serve in Indonesia

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Please pray for us. Here are a few of the most important requests we have as we prepare for Indonesia.

1. Pray for us as we travel. We will be all over the country from Pennsylvania to Washington state.

2. Pray for God to lead us to those who would partner with us in prayer and financially.

3. Pray for our training bills. We still have a considerable amount we owe NTM for flight training and we can’t leave for Indonesia until they are completely paid off.

4. Pray for these last few months with family. Pray that God would prepare our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and our other relatives hearts for our departure.

5. Pray that the passport, visa and other paperwork needed to get in the country would get through with no problems and back to us quickly.

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We are done with flight training!!

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Nathan taking off from one of his training airstrips

Praise the Lord!! We are done with our training in Arizona. Nathan finished his last flight on the 13th. We are now in Tennessee and are so glad to be on our way to Indonesia in what seems like a very few months for us. We are starting the necessary paperwork needed and getting the passports for the girls and all so that we can begin working on our visas and flights. It is our prayer to be leaving for Indonesia no later than May of next year. We plan to visit friends and family here in Tennessee and in Montana and every state in between before we leave. We would love to see you or even speak in your church or bible study group. If that opportunity avails itself please let us know. We are so thankful to be partnered with you to reach the unreached.

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Nathan finishes helicopter training and passes checkride with flying colors

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Nathan takes the family up for a flight after passing his checkride

Praise the Lord!!  I passed my commercial helicopter add-on check ride today and am so thankful to the Lord.  It was a three hour oral exam of my knowledge of helicopter operations and aerodynamic theory, and a 2 hour flight which tested my skill as a helicopter pilot.  Now it is on to fixed wing training in the Cessna 206.  After the 206 training our time in Arizona will be complete and we will be one step closer to leaving for Indonesia and supporting the tribal works there.  Thank you all for your prayers and support during the helicopter training. 

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Nathan starts helicopter training

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Today was my first flight in the R-44 and talk about exciting!!  Thank you Lord for this opportunity to learn another skill which will allow me a greater flexibility in serving the tribal church planters in Indonesia.  Flying helicopters is very different from flying fixed wing airplanes.  It is kind of like standing on a beach ball and balancing it perfectly in one spot.  Hovering is the most difficult but my instructor, John Mark, assures me with time my body will develop the muscle memory to do it precisely.   I will spend three months learning to fly the helicopter and after a grueling check ride will earn my helicopter commercial add-on. 

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NTMA receives new R44. Nathan to start helicopter training

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NTMA's new R44 Helicopter for Indonesia

On Friday, NTMA received its brand new R44 helicopter from Robinson helicopter in California.  It is slated to go to Indonesia in 2008 to service tribal missionaries and greatly speed the gospel getting to remote tribal people. 

Nathan is planning to start flight training in the R44 starting on November 29th.  This training will last for 2-3 months and will greatly increase Nathan’s ability to serve the tribal missionaries.  Please be praying for us as Nathan starts training in the R44.  That he will retain what he learns and excel in this demanding training.  Learning to fly a helicopter is very different from flying a fixed wing aircraft.  Pray Nathan will catch on quickly.   We will send out more pictures once the training starts. 

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Fun in the Water with lots of waves and a broken arm….

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Water survival course

This past October I finished up my flight ground school and part of that training was a course on ditching/water survival. 

 In many of the locations that NTMA services the tribal missionaries there is a lot of flying over water.  We learned how to get ourselves and the passengers out of a sinking aircraft if an emergency ditching (landing in the water) took place.  Also how to operate our life vests and the life raft, how to handle injuries in the water and how to get injured people into the life raft.  We all traveled to Sierra Vista (west of Mcneal) where we rented a public wave pool for an hour and got to put our training in practice.  They started up the waves and we all jumped in with uninflated vests and a life raft still in its casing.  I was one of the lucky few to be secretly chosen to act like I had a broken arm.  We learned how to inflate our vests, stay together amidst the waves and get the life raft inflated.  Another guy named Marcos was also pretending to be unconscious so we had to get him in the raft first and then me with my broken arm.  Once we were all in the raft unfortunately we had a large leak and had to deal with sealing the leak, keeping the water out and assessing our situation. 

Great training and if in the unlikely event I ever have to ditch in the water this kind of training will be invaluable.  I am really thankful to be part of an organization like NTMA who is so concerned about our safety and taking the time to train us how to deal with situation like this. 

Take a look at our PHOTOS section of this website for more photos of my ditching/water survival course. 


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Q&A about NTM and our ministry

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How did God lead you to serve with NTM?
Take a look at the family section in our website. It will give you a good picture of the path God has brought us on and why we feel He wants us to serve with NTM.

Where do you feel God is leading you to serve overseas?
We are praying a lot about this and are open to wherever God would have us serve. We do feel a real pull in our hearts toward Indonesia and are daily seeking God’s voice in this area. Other possibilities for us are the Philippines and Papau New Guinea. After we are finished with our training we will have a better idea as to where NTM sees us best fitting in and where the openings are.

How will your children be educated overseas?
Our children will be educated either at a missions school where we are located or if none is available, then LaNada will home school our girls. We strongly feel that they should be with us and involved in the ministry God has called us as a family to.

Is NTM part of a denomination?
New Tribes Mission is non-denominational. A variety of evangelical churches send out missionaries to serve through NTM.

How is it decided where a missionary will serve?
The missionary and their sending church make that decision, in fellowship with the leadership team in the country where they desire to serve. The missionary’s talents, gifts and abilities are considered, especially as they relate to tasks involved in planting tribal churches.

To whom are NTM missionaries accountable? They are accountable to their sending churches through the leadership team in the country where they serve.

Are NTM missionaries salaried?
No. In faith, each missionary looks to the Lord for provision of financial needs. Support comes primarily from sending churches, with additional help from other churches and individuals.

What about benefits?
NTM has group medical and life insurance plans. Missionaries are also required to take part in a 403b retirement plan, and NTM offers advice in this area. NTM also has a retirement center for missionaries in Florida.

How do NTM missionaries raise support?
NTM missionaries are not salaried. In faith, they look to the Lord for provision of their financial needs. They are encouraged to share about their ministry and be open about their needs. Support comes from sending churches and people like you who have a heart for the unreached people of this world.

How can I contribute to your ministry?
There are three ways you can currently give to our ministry. 1. send your check or money order (made out to NTM with our names in the memo line) to NTM 1000 E. First St., Sanford, FL 32771-1487 2. You can give by phone by calling 407-547-2345 3. You can give online securely at our website You can also setup monthly electronic transfers by contacting the financial office of NTM at 407-547-2345 or email them at

How much of our financial giving will you receive?
Your donation will be used in full for the expenses of our ministry.  None of it is used for administration costs or anything outside of our ministry expenses.

Is my gift tax deductible?
You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for all gifts made payable to New Tribes Missions for the support of us. Personal gifts, marked “birthday” for example, will be received, forwarded and marked as non-tax-deductible.

How much support do you need?
Currently our support requirements are $5000/month. This includes living expenses, traveling, health insurance, life insurance, training costs and food. This amount includes all our expenses including those usually provided in an employer’s benefits package. If you would like a detailed break-down of our ministry expenses please email us and we would be glad to send you that information.

What is your current support level?
We are currently at 30% of our ministry expense level. We need $5000/month and we are currently receiving around $1500/month. We would ask that you pray about being part of our ministry. Our current level of support is well below our needs to live and complete training as well as head overseas shortly after our training is complete. Thankfully we serve a God who holds everything in His hands and will provide. We are confident of that.

Does NTM have a website?
Yes. It is NTM aviation also has a website at

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September News update

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An NTM Cesna U206Dear Friends,

We made it to Arizona!! Praise God for His traveling mercies. He provided the finances for our three day trip from Tennessee to Arizona and also protected us from a tire that almost came apart on our trailer we were towing. Thank You Lord!!

We have been in Arizona for just about a month and are full-bore into classes. The first two weeks were orientation classes where we really got to know the people here, what NTM Aviation is all about and what the field needs are for pilot/mechanics and maintenance technicians. This past week Nathan has been in maintenance class learning all about
the Cessna 206. He sure has been enjoying getting back into aircraft maintenance. This week he is going to Kellogg, Idaho for a week of safety training. After he gets back it is another week of maintenance training (Cessna 185) and then the flying begins. Nathan is extremely anxious to get back into flying. LaNada has been really enjoying just being able to stay home with the girls and take care of them. She always wins out with having the busiest days as taking care of Alaiyah and Anikah is one full-time job. She will be leaving and going back to Tennessee for a month this coming week to spend time with friends and visit her family. God has really opened up the door for her to return home for a while and we are thankful for that.

Nathan has been offered a chance to get helicopter training while we are in Arizona. It would be another 2-3 months of training but as there are more and more helicopters being used by NTM aviation it would really enable him to better serve the needs of the missionaries. We would ask for your prayers in this area as it is a large financial commitment. We know though that if it is God’s will then the money will come in. We sure are learning patience and reliance on God these days. Such valuable lessons on what is really important in our lives.

We have a website now!! Yes for three dollars a month we are now on the internet so if you would like to see a lot of pictures of us and learn more than you ever wanted to know Ha… J please take a look. The address is There is a lot of information about us, NTM and also up-to-date prayer requests. Please let us know what you think.

Speaking of information, below is our current mailing address and phone numbers. We sure would like to hear from each and every one of you. If you get a chance drop us a note and let us know what is going on in your lives. Your inancial support and prayers have been such an encouragement to us. We are currently at 20% of our needed support
level and thank the Lord each day for His faithfulness. Thank you for the part you play in reaching the unreached people of this world.

We really love you guys….
Partners in Ministry,

Nathan, LaNada, Alaiyah and Anikah Tag

3870 Davis Rd.
McNeal, AZ 85617
Home: (520) 642-9280 ext. 139
Other: (406) 531-5838

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For LaNada and girls as they travel back to Tennessee

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LaNada and girls have been given the chance to return to Tennessee and see family and friends for several weeks. They will leave on the 27th of this month.   Please pray for their travels as well as there time home.  Pray for the time LaNada spends with her grandma.  She is ill and it is unsure how long she will live.  Praise God for the gift of the airplane tickets to return. 

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