Flooded MK School Property

We recently received over 8 inches of rain (200 mm) in about 8 hours. Our MK School property was quickly flooded. We have never had this kind of rain since we have been here in Paraguay. Our normal dry and dusty turned into wet and soggy!

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Discipleship in a Changing Ministry Context

How can we effectively reach people in a world undergoing phenomenal change?

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Surveying new locations for teaching

There are many people here in Paraguay who still need the opportunity to hear the Gospel! We are constantly evaluating where to go next and how to partner with existing churches to reach new areas.

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The Cases have served in Panama and in Paraguay in the area of MK care and education by being an MK school director, high school teacher, and dorm parents. We continue to assist families through providing homeschool support and Education Camps. Education Camps are interactive learning experiences offered to MK’s that add breadth and depth to the homeschool experience.

Mark is also part of the NTM Paraguay leadership team. As a leadership team, we are involved in casting vision and providing direction for seeing churches planted among the tribal people of Paraguay. It is our goal to assist our church planting teams by helping them with developing strategy and goals, by providing ministry resources and information, and by providing member care and discipleship.

Janet is the NTM Guest House hostess in our town which involves maintaining a guest house and hospitality. We live in a town central to several tribal church planting works. These NTM church planters come and stay in the guest house when buying supplies, and getting medical attention. Janet provides assistance, encouragement, and hospitality to these NTM families.

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