Prayer Requests

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As many of you may know, Kyle is currently in the middle of the jungle, on an island in “Asia Pacific.” He is having a fantastic time! Here are a few prayer requests for those of you interested in where our hearts are at right now…

1. Safety for Kyle and his team- both in the jungle and returning home

2. Good partnership development time- Pray that God would continue to provide for our needs, and that we would develop strong relationships with you all, our dear friends who are partnering with us either in prayer or financially.

We are raising support and growing our team this summer! We would like to have time to speak in a few churches, as well as LOTS of awesome dinners with all of YOU! With our final semester (maybe… more on that later!) approaching, initials are due, return plane tickets need to be purchased and diapers… oh boy! We have been blessed beyond our expectations through all of your sacrificial giving. God has provided through all of you in INCREDIBLE WAYS (i.e.. Kyle going to the jungle this summer… wow!) Thank you!

3. Guidance-¬†Kyle and I are anticipating some answers for our long term ministry location as a result of Kyle’s current trip. We would love for God to make it abundantly clear that this is the area we will be giving our hearts and much of our lives to serve.

We would love your input on any and all of these things! Let us know if you are praying for us! Let us know if you want to meet with us (or know of a church or other awesome people who do!)

Giving isn’t everything, we truly appreciate your prayers. Thank you for walking with us as we follow God.