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Naia Ruth Pierce

Naia Ruth Pierce

Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy…Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.               – Psalm 33:18 & 22

Much has happened in our family during the past few weeks so we wanted to give a brief family update.  There have been many opportunities in the past couple of weeks for each of us to put our hope in the Lord and His tender mercies…

  • July 1-10, Ken & Cindy stayed with Eliana while our daughter, Liz, and husband, Ed, went on a mission trip to Peru.  Although only 15 months old, she was a very sweet and courageous girl.  Not knowing how Eliana would respond since this was the first lengthy time with Dad and Mom away, we had prayed much for the Lord to give a peaceful time.  He did that and the entire ten days went very well.  Also, Ed & Liz experienced the Lord’s strength and grace in their ministry with orphans and with a church in Peru, the country where Ed grew up as an MK. 
  • While it was a delight to spend that time with Eliana, it was also difficult to be away from our daughter, Anna, and her family who were having several simultaneous difficulties.
  • July 1st, we learned that, due to some complications, Anna may have to have a C-section delivery earlier than previously anticipated, otherwise the baby’s life could be endangered.  We prayed for Andy and Anna to have peace and rest in this situation and for the Lord to protect their unborn daughter.
  • July 6th, while Anna was getting the final tests in preparation for the C-section, her son, Benjamin, was taken to the Dr. then to the hospital because of critical breathing difficulties.  At first suspecting asthma, then possibly pneumonia, little Benjamin was admitted to the hospital and found to have an upper respiratory infection.
  • July 7th, Benjamin was released from the hospital while his brother, Aiden, developed similar symptoms.  Both were treated at home for several days with the same breathing treatments using a nebulizer.
  • July 8th, Anna had a safe C-section delivering a beautiful baby girl who they named Naia Ruth Pierce.  Both Mom and baby are home and doing well.

     We continue to count on your prayers for our ministry of mobilizing US believers to reach out to those who have never heard the Gospel.


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