1,865 Verses

1,865 Verses
That’s how many verses have been translated into Nahuatl so far.  Each verse goes through a long, careful, …

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A Missing Idol

by Rachel Chapman
As we were getting ready to leave Las Moras this last time, I took time to …

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Counting the Cost

by Pete Hypki
Andrew is one of the good guys. At least, out here, he is. Andrew is …

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Katie grew up in South America where her parents served as missionaries for over 30 years.  She studied secondary education in college, and for several years served in schools for missionary children, both in Central and South America.  Since 2010 she has been part of the Nahuatl team in Mexico.  One of her jobs on the team is to teach adult literacy, so that the Nahuatl can read the Word of God for themselves in their own language. Making Friends

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