2016 – A grateful look back

Home to the Philippines
 After almost 8 months in Arizona refurbishing a helicopter and getting trained as a commercial …

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Good Gifts and Juggling Knives

September, 2014. A tiny, isolated village on Southern Palawan. A young single father torn by love, cultural pressures of …

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Of Course He Isn’t Safe

As a missionary, we get asked some weird questions, especially while on furlough. And we get asked a lot of …

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Our Vision The vision of New Tribes Mission is to see every tribe transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. Our part of this vision is seeing every tribe in the Philippines transformed by His power. Language barriers, cultural barriers and geographical barriers all contribute to make this task a difficult one. Our Purpose Our primary purpose is to help overcome the geographical barriers in the Philippines that isolate people from the gospel. We can increase the productivity of our fellow missionaries who are living in these remote tribal areas by providing them with efficient air transportation. Supply trips that once took days  or weeks of dangerous travel by foot or boat can now be made in minutes of safe air travel. Our Role Beyond meeting the vital physical need of transportation, our desire is to encourage those we are serving and equip them in every way we can to better accomplish the task God has given them. We also desire to be involved in local national ministries as the Lord opens opportunities. Read our Story here!

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