As orientation coordinators, our main ministry is to adequately orientate and prepare our new families for future ministry in Asia-Pacific. This begins by contacting them before they even come over to Asia-Pacific. We are involved with finding and preparing housing for them as well as many other “behind the scenes tasks.” We pick them up at the airport and begin the process of helping them get oriented to their new home and surroundings. Part of this whole process is helping them get excited about learning the language and culture and helping to network them into their new community. After about 1 1/2 years these families move on to other regions for future ministry.

John demonstrating a language-learning method in the Punan tribe of Borneo... John has also been able to assist with helping new teams in the region of Borneo with an orientation “kick-off” before they allocate to their tribal locations.

We also have a ministry with local believers both through the local church and neighborhood Bible studies. John has also been able to make trips to Nias off the north coast of Sumatra where there have been earthquakes and tsunami, as well as to Jogjakarta to bring earthquake relief. John and new friend

Paula and new friend Our children are also learning language and are able to have a ministry with kids. Our older two girls are even picking up some of the Javanese language from their friends. Katie and Grace with Billah...

Please pray for us as we build relationships with local believers and help in discipleship. Anna and Ibu Yohana... Please pray also for our relationships with our friends and neighbors who don’t yet know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.