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Our team is currently raising the funds necessary to buy the materials and tools we need for building our house in a tribal location. The funds will actually serve for more than just our “house,” but more so for a “mission station,” as this project will involve building our’s and our co-worker’s homes and office space for the countless hours that it will take to learn an unwritten language and translate the Bible. Much of the lumber we’ll use will come straight from the jungle around us and be milled by our own hands. What materials we are able to canoe in via river access will come at a high financial cost. It’s an exciting time and a reminder that we are one step closer now to bringing God’s Word and His message of love and forgiveness to a people group who have never heard. Hard times are ahead…we know this, but we are eager as we anticipate how God will provide. Please pray and consider becoming a financial partner to help us complete our bush house and take the Gospel to the unreached. You can donate online by going to the “Give” section of this website, or by visiting for more ways to give. Thanks so much for considering partnering with us in this endeavor. We certainly could not being doing this without the encouragement and support of so many people!

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