They made it out!!!

A year and a half ago, John Michael hiked over the mountain to a neighboring village and listened to …

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Pray Them Out

Once again I have a huge prayer request that I need all of you to jump on right away. …

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Talitha Koum

The summer of 2013 was an incredibly difficult one for us…actually the whole year of 2013 was difficult, but the …

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The fam… Well, since getting married back in December of ’04, Jessi and I haven’t slowed down. We spent the first couple years of our marriage in full-time student ministry, followed by a year of missionary work in East Asia, training with New Tribes Mission, and now taking the good news of Jesus to the unreached tribal groups in Papua New Guinea. Along the way we’ve had three beautiful little daughters. Lucy, she’s the fast moving blur in most of our family pictures; Mattie, our contemplative deep thinker; and last to come along is Mia Kate, who is giving Lu a run for her money. Since we were married, we’ve moved more times than I care to count throughout 3 different states and three different countries. We never really know what to expect in our lives, but we are certain of two things. God loves us like crazy and we want to share that love with those who need it! So what does “tribal church planting” look like? Simply put, “tribal church planting” is taking the Gospel message to unreached people groups with hopes of seeing a mature, self-functioning, and missional church established among the indigenous people. In a nutshell,…

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