Life Verse

“So what have you been doing while you’re out here?”
That is the million dollar question for the moment. The …

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Stop Doubting and Believe

“Hey, sorry you didn’t get to go back into the tribe. How do you feel?”
“Ok.” (like a failure)
“When …

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The girls and I still aren’t in Hewa. John Michael left last Monday and we are hoping and praying and …

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We are John Michael and Jessi George. We live and work in the Hewa tribe of Papua New Guinea with our three daughters, Lucy, Mattie, and Mia. The Hewa are a large people group with many different dialects and villages that are spread out among three different Provinces of PNG. There is a small church established among the Hewa in the village where we currently live, yet there are still thousands who have never heard the Gospel in their own language, and are therefore held captive by their animistic beliefs. One of those tragic beliefs leads them to kill innocent women and children who they feel are possessed by evil spirits and are causing sickness and death.

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