3 years coming to an end… but that’s just the beginning!

For 3 years Jesus walked the Earth revealing the Father, proving through miracles and zeal that He is the Messiah, …

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Training… for what???

So here I sit in my office at my desk, something I dreamed of as a kid but never thought …

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Our First Semester is Over!

We want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for His faithfulness to us and for your gifts, prayers and …

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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. March 20th, 1993 a 3 1/2 foot dumping of snow hit Elmira, New York, which was exactly one week before Becki and I were to get married. Many people were advising us to call off the wedding because of the snow but we ¬†decided that we wanted to “go for it”. Then on March 27th, 1993 amid 8+ feet snow piles, clear roads and 65 degree, beautiful sunshine; we got married! Now 17 years later, we have 4 children and are about to step out into a whole new phase of life. Our oldest daughter is Victoria, Tori, she is a junior in high school and has really enjoyed all that God has taken her and our family through over these last 4 years of training with NTM. Our second daughter, Clorinda, Chloe, is in 6th grade and full of life! She is exciting, artsy and overall crazy funny. She loves to draw and is rather sociable, taking after her mother. Gabrielle, Ellie, is our third daughter, she loves things that are crafty and creative. She just bought herself a Lego City Police headquarters… oh, boy! Our son, Derek,…

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