On The Road Again

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Our break from travel was much needed.  We really had a lot that we needed to get caught in on life and ministry in general.  It also gave us a chance to recharge.  Mostly it was also good for the boys have to have us both here for a long stretch of time.  However as of last week our break is over.  Joel as I write is driving on a terrible road in Guinea to meet with some of our teams in that area.  He has set out on on of the lengthiest trip he has ever made.  What began originally as 2 different leadership trips has ended up getting meshed into one long marathon trip.  So he will be gone for close to 3 weeks.  Over that time he will spend over 4 full days of that in the car driving over some ugly roads.  Thankfully there are multiple drivers to break up the long bad stretches.  They will be meeting with 7 different teams from Southern Senegal to Northern Guinea.  The goals of these meetings are to look at the strategies of the teams and how that is working out.  It is a chance see what current struggles they are facing and what is gong well.  It is a chance to pray with them know better how to pray and follow up once they are no longer right there with them.

Pictures from the last time we drove this stretch of road

I called that day the 10 hours of misery!

Often we got hold up by other who had broken down on the road

So as you are thinking of us this week you can pray for Joel as he travels.


  •  For Safety on the Road
  • Pray for patience when things don’t go as planned
  • For good meetings with each of the teams they will meet
  • For wisdom in the decisions that need to be made
  • That they would be an encouragement to all those they visit

We are thankful that he can be a blessing to others, but look forward to his return in April!

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