When We Bought A Trampoline…

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  • That our house help would think it was for laying laundry out to dry
  • How useful it is for getting energy out of our boys in a short amount of time
  • That it would be one of our daily sources of exercise
  • How enjoyable it can be in the cool evening air
  • That it would draw kids from around the neighborhood to our house
  • That some of the kids here have never learned how to jump
  • The look of wonder that would enter a kid’s eyes when they jump for the first time
  • How much enterainment we would provide to those who are passing by our house
  • How God would use it to open doors for relationships with our neighbors around us

When we bought the trampoline

We knew the boys would love it

It has been neat to see how God has taken something small

And made it into so much more



  1. Aunt Patti  April 5, 2013

    I remember when we decided to homeschool, the first purchase we made was a trampoline. That was one of the smartest purchases we ever made. I seem to recall you jumping on it Joel! And yes, it is a kid magnet!
    Very cool!

  2. David Abbott  March 30, 2013

    Our kids had access to one of these when we lived on a center overseas. It was a rude welcome to the USA to learn it was impossible to get homeowner’s insurance with one of these on our property.

  3. Linda Wennermark  March 27, 2013

    Oh Andi how God continues to encourage and bless you and at the same time those your family come on contact with.

  4. Carolyn Gaupo  March 26, 2013

    I think a trampoline must have an international language of it’s own. It is a magnet for fun and excitement. I’m glad your kids have it and can share it with others. What fun!

  5. Betsy A  March 26, 2013

    Wonderful! So many opportunities ahead.

  6. Chelle  March 26, 2013

    So wonderful!

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