It’s a Great Place to Work!

*We’re helping coordinate a conflict resolution workshop, specifically for missionaries, to be held July 18-23 at the NTM Home …

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Kuna Friends in Panama

Many years ago, Joe took this beautiful photo of our good friend and former neighbor, Ricardo’s wife, who recently died in the remote tribal village. But we learned of this through an email from Teobaldo, who was just a friendly little toddler when we first moved into the village in 1981!

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At Home in the House

Our Home at 439 Riverview Avenue.  We are Thankful!

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     NEW MINISTRY CHALLENGE EXPANDING THE REACH OF THE GOSPEL IN THE USA PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Beginning June 1, 2007, we will be ministering in Sanford, Florida, at the New Tribes Mission USA Home Office.  Joe\’s new responsibility will be as the NTM USA Director of Personnel, and Sharon will be his “Executive Assistant.”  The NTM USA Personnel Department has a total staff of about 25, who work in several sub-departments or offices within the Department. These would include: Candidate, Member Services, Associate, New Appointees, Alumni, and Member Care. Joe will be working closely with two other men in providing overall leadership in this key department, which is responsible to oversee all aspects of the USA missionaries’ membership status with NTM, from the candidate process thru retirement. Currently NTM USA has about 2000 members serving around the world and in the USA.                                              

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