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It’s a Great Place to Work!

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*We’re helping coordinate a conflict resolution workshop, specifically for missionaries, to be held July 18-23 at the NTM Home Office, with about 30 participants and facilitators.   

*There are always the daily emails and phone calls, in addition to scheduled as well as unscheduled meetings relating to personnel, missionary transitions, and sending church relationships.  Joe is also responsible for the ongoing development and revision of policies and procedures.

*Coordination is already taking place for an adult learning workshop later this year (Nov.29-Dec.3), with 14 participants, plus facilitators.

Kuna Friends in Panama

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Ricardo's WifeMany years ago, Joe took this beautiful photo of our good friend and former neighbor, Ricardo’s wife, who recently died in the remote tribal village.  But we learned of this through an email from Teobaldo, who was just a friendly little toddler when we first moved into the village in 1981!

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At Home in the House

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Our Home at 439 Riverview Avenue.  We are Thankful!

Sharon’s Vision

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Yesterday’s followup appointment with the ophthamologist indicates that the loss of vision in Sharon’s right eye has not worsened over the past year.  She still has distorted vision in the area nearest her nose, but the rest of her vision seems good.  The next appointment is scheduled for March.  In the meantime, Sharon and Joe continue working together in the Personnel Department of the NTM USA Home Office – 8 am to 5 pm each day.  Thankfully she’s not experiencing headaches or pain her eyes!

Sharon’s Eyesight

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For the past several months Sharon has been losing central vision in her right eye. This ongoing condition is apparently due to protein fluid leakage by numerous vessels into the area around her retina. (It’s called Coat’s milliary condition.)  A retina specialist has already performed two laser treatments, but her eye/vision is not improving.  She’s scheduled for another procedure on March 26th, which will be more aggressive and will actually involve applying laser to the retina itself.  Please pray with us that this more agressive laser treatment might sucessfully stop this fluid leakage in her eye, and that she might recover her ability to once again read with this eye.

Housing Need in Florida

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We need the Lord’s direction and provision to show us what  kind of a house He has for us in Florida.  We’re presently looking at buying a lot near the NTM USA Home Office. We have a supporter who has offered to build a home at his cost, which by all estimates would save us thousands of dollars. Pray that God would keep this door open if it’s His will.

Personal Prayer Requests

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Sharon’s Eyesight

Please Pray for Sharon`s Healing  Sharon had the laser procedure on Monday, March 26, and is still experiencing some discomfort as a result of the treatment.  It will be a couple of weeks before the specialist is able to determine if this latest treatment is going to stop this fluid leakage into her retina.  Please continue to pray for Sharon at this time.

Housing Need

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Looking for a "good deal" on a house.

New Tribes has told us that we can rent a Mission-owned apartment  for up to a year while we look for something of our own.  The real estate market has skyrocketed in Central Florida over the past several years so we need the Lord’s direction and provision to show us what He has for us.

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