The Packing Begins…

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And with a few short weeks before I finish up my Sanford based ministry, I have already begun putting items into boxes.  Some items have already begun the long process of heading overseas to PNG on their own, while others will wait out the next couple of years in storage.  However, I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m ready to head out.  Please pray that the Lord would give me wisdom in knowing what exactly to take, toss, or store.

Also, as I prepare to leave, my faithful laptop is in the shop for a bit of  a checkup and tune-up.  It’s got to last me at least 2 more years- which should be no problem… Lord willing. 

Finally, as things wind down here in Sanford, it looks like life is going to get more interesting over in Leesburg.  I’m now temporarily teaching a singles Bible Fellowship class on Sunday, I’m supposed to be playing bass guitar for the Church Christmas program, plus Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family, etc and all that.  Please pray that the Lord will use me in all that is coming up, and that I’ll have an enjoyable time with friends and family alike.

Thanks again for all your prayers, Joe