Granny crashes… the tech world

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      I finally decided to take the plunge and start bloging again. It’s been a long time. Some of you haven’t heard from us in a long time so I’ll try to catch you up on our present status. I don’t post on facebook much so if you’re on our friend list, check out this blog.

      I’m hoping to re-inforce relationships, discuss spiritual truths, perhaps introduce some humor and some photos BUT TODAY, IT’S JUST ABOUT US! (*

     Jim continues to deal with health problems, right now he’s having radiation on his ears for basal cell carcinoma. They scheduled it for five days a week for six weeks and he’s got eleven treatments to go. The main symptom seems to be extreme tiredness. But I will never cease to be amazed at how he keeps on keeping on no matter how hard things become.

     He is still pastoring the small church up in northern Florida and reaching out to Pastors in Central Florida. Just last week he led an entire family to the Lord. They attend the Young Adult class at Emporia Baptist but hadn’t understood God’s grace. Their daughter was eager and ready to commit when Jim asked if she wanted to trust Jesus. Praise God we’ve got a family baptism coming up at Emporia.

     Jim is busy networking with Pastors and mission committees concerning the need to be more involved in missions. He’s available to speak just about anywhere and loves every opportunity to talk about his Lord and the needs of the mission field.

     As for me, I’m a little too busy for my own good. I do all the bullitens each week and any graphic or text needed for Emporia. I try to work in the Communication Dept. of the mission 5 days a week. I write webnews, magazine articles, and any other text to challenge folks to pray, give or go to the mission field. OK, I get to talk about the grandkids and our great grands next time.