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Late dinner

This spring the McMaster Clan met in St. Augustine for a family vacation. Dena and I had put aside a little vacation fund and decided to use it for a clan gathering.

Earl and Krystal and their four children are on home assignment from their ministry in Senegal and we want to cherish every moment we can with them.

Kathy volunteered to be the “researcher.” She looked up all the possible attractions, compared prices, studied combo tickets and set up a chart so that each family could choose something they wanted to do.

Kim and three of her children were able to come down from Tennessee to join us. Jack had to stay home and work – we sure did miss him.

Peter and Kathy were delighted to be able to bring their newest grandbaby, Marissa, with them. Oh – and they let Travis and Tiffani come too.

With charts in hand and pre-purchased tickets in our pockets we all gathered at the Alhambra Hotel to plan our first day. Our rooms were side-by-side and so we could visit from room to room.

The little red train stopped right on the corner and all 17 of us hopped on. We spent the day touring museums and shops. One of the grandkids favorite places was the Spanish Village where they could enter-act with the carpenter and baker and candlestick maker. They had questions at each display and actually learned quite a bit.

We tried to keep afternoon free and of course the teens chose to go to the beach. Some of us (like grandma and grandpa) wanted to just rest and take a nap.

Amazingly we managed to conger up meals for 17 on three Forman grills. At night we all piled into one room for games. At one time 16 of us played “Apples to Apples” and even 4-year-old David and 5-year-old Shiloh were able to keep up.

We had three days of visiting attractions, swimming, playing games, eating and just plain having fun. We all returned home – and back to work – rested, refreshed and ready to go again.


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