A trip to Rock

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Augustin Diatta and familyDena was writing an article for the next NTM@work about a little church nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. Last time it was West Africa, now it’s West Virginia.

The next issue concerns “the home team” – or what you do to help plant tribal churches. So, Dena thought of Wright Mountain Independent Baptist Church in Rock, WV. Once when we needed to return to Senegal, but didn’t have the funds, they started a project for us. They completely paid for our tickets and gave us some extra funds as well.

So, after Dena wrote the story she wanted me to get some pictures. That meant a trip to Rock.
My job on these trips is to walk around trying to look like I know what I’m doing and take pictures. And sometimes I get some good ones.

Since we needed to visit the folks at Rock, we thought, “Why not the whole nine yards?” We went over a weekend and had a great time. I spoke at three services on Sunday and in between we had a “dinner on the grounds.” It was so good we even had leftovers to eat after the evening service. We sure had a great time. I like Dena’s ministry when it involves visiting great friends and eating.

Look for the story about “Rock” in the next issue coming out.


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