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unwritten languages

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Friday, August 20th, 2010
What does writing have to do with the Church?

What does writing have to do with the Church?

Did you know that there are over 6,000 spoken languages in the world today, and only about half exist in written form? That means there are over 450 million people who still do not have a way to write their own language. This impacts the work of the Church because without writing, these groups do not have access to Bible translation in their own language!  (more…)

and we’re off…

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Colombia Guayaberofor another adventure!

This time we are returning to the lovely country of Colombia with its dramatic rainforests, mountains, and colorful cultures. We will need to pack warm clothes because temperatures in Bogotá will be cooler than most of the places we travel (44 – 65 F). But the delicious hot chocolate and Colombian coffee will warm us up!  (more…)

back from the other side (…of the world!)

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
enjoying new friends, Arimtap

enjoying new friends, Arimtap

We had such an awesome time in Indonesia! We were able to work with 18 different language groups, encouraging tribal church leaders and missionary teams of the importance of literacy skills so that people can read the Bibles in their own languages. A great Bible translation will not have the life-changing effect that God desires, if no one can read It!

We traveled through quite a bit of the country with 28 airplane or helicopter rides. Thank you so much for your prayers! Each tribal group we were with had their own unique situations, and we sure were leaning hard on the Lord for His wisdom to give practical help. God gave us great health and safety as we traveled (even as we ate all sorts of new and “interesting” things). (more…)

Where in the world?

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

IndonesiaSo where in the world are we off to next? Well, it’s a country of 17,508 islands with a hot, tropical climate all year round. It is the world’s fourth most populous country, with over 850 different languages and dialects spoken among the various people groups. The country has at least 150 active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. As a matter of fact, every day this country experiences three vibrations and at least one small earthquake, with one volcanic eruption each year.

It is a location known for amazing diversity in wildlife, plants and scenery. There you will find the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon; the world’s largest snake, the Reticulated Python; the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia; and the world’s largest bee, the Chalocodoma Pluto. 

So…did you guess Indonesia?  (more…)

Counting it ALL joy!

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Friday, October 9th, 2009
Anelio and family019

Anelio, Silverixia & family

About two years ago a young Kuna couple were sent out by their church to work as missionaries in an unreached village upriver. This was a complete miracle as God opened doors that were previously completely closed to the Gospel.

In these first years of ministry in the village, Anelio & Silverixia have faced opposition and hardship. At first people didn’t want to hear God’s Book. They ridiculed, humiliated, and opposed Anelio & Silverixia in every way. But eventually the children of the village began showing interest in hearing God’s Book and began listening to the chronological Bible lessons. Little by little adults asked for Bible teaching until there were about 80 adults hearing God’s Word and over a hundred children.

Now there is a small group of new believers in the village who are taking stands in obedience to Christ, refusing to participate in the village drinking ceremonies. This puts them under intense pressure from the village and their families. They have to pay monetary fines. They are accused, questioned and threatened. Most of us cannot even imagine the pressure they live with each day. And yet this little group of believers stands tall for Christ, “counting it ALL joy!”

Would you pray for Anelio and Silverixia as they lead this little, hurting flock? Pray that they will have God’s wisdom, peace and strength. We will be meeting together in November for the annual Kuna leadership conference. Pray that they and other Kunas ministering in difficult locations will be encouraged and prepared for their ministries. 

Iglesia Iglesia 02Iglesia 03

8 reasons we are crazy about literacy

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Friday, September 4th, 2009

png_simbari__1431When people think of key activities involved in tribal church planting the list often covers things like Bible translation, evangelism, Bible curriculum, discipleship, and leadership development. We would like literacy to be added to the list because…

1.     Of all the possible methods to record the most life-changing Message of all time, God chose the written form to preserve His Word. We believe everyone should have access to His Written Word in their language!

2.     When people can read God’s Word for themselves, they are not dependant on others to hear it. Just think of how many times God has reached down and encouraged you by the exact verse you needed while reading the Word!

3.     The truth of the Word is protected. No matter what teaching comes into the area, people can go back to the Written Word and check it out.

4.     Important truths of the Bible are not forgotten or overlooked. People can remember a lot, but it’s unrealistic to expect that everything will be remembered and passed on to others.

5.     Personal spiritual growth is accelerated. People can study the Bible all through the week and don’t need to wait for the next scheduled public meeting.

6.     Literacy invests in the potential of the Church! Reading and writing skills equip everyone to serve in broader ways. They can work on the Bible translation team, develop Bible studies, share words to songs or prayer requests.

7.     In many locations where there has been little or no interest in Bible teaching, literacy teachers found open doors to provide classes. God has used the relationships built during this to open doors to the Gospel!

8.     Printed materials can go places and reach people in ways that individuals may never be able to. Books have been called the “tireless teachers” and are an amazing tool God has given for the growth and expansion of His Church!

So why are Joyce & I so excited about literacy? Because we believe in the power of God’s written Word to change lives! We are thrilled to be serving in the area of literacy, that God’s Word might be opened to every tongue, tribe and nation!

He is enough!

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

four generations in Christ

four generations in Christ

Twenty-three years ago a baby girl was born in a Kuna jungle village. That same year God sent the McDaniels family to that little village as missionaries. So little Silverixia grew up with memories of her mother hearing the Gospel message for the first time and then trusting Christ.

Recently Silverixia with her husband Anelio and their two small children were sent as missionaries to an unreached Kuna village. This is the story of their first year in the ministry: (more…)

Time for the Kuna leadership conference!

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Visiting with some dear Kuna friends!

Greetings from Panama! We have already enjoyed several days with our dear missionary co-workers and been able to visit with some Kuna friends. What a joy to see those we have discipled, reaching others who are reaching others for our Lord! It is such a beautiful picture of the chain we all form in the Body of Christ. And we are a link in that chain with you! (more…)

Kuna church leaders gather together

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

It’s time for the annual Kuna leadership conference here in Panama! 

Please pray for:

  • the safety of all those traveling to the conference, some arriving on muddy jungle trails, others traveling in canoes, busses, and planes. 
  • for the Lord’s wisdom as we spend time with these precious church leaders and their wives.
  • that the studies in Ephesians and other sessions will further equip and encourage these leaders to be wise, godly men and women in their villages. Please pray that we will communicate well in the Kuna language.

Jumping through windows God opens

Posted by Jerry and Joyce McDaniels on Monday, September 22nd, 2008

After canceling our trip to Bolivia last week, we have rescheduled once again!

Ongoing peace talks have calmed the situation somewhat and the field believes there is a window of opportunity for us to get down there and give this important training in literacy. So Lord willing we will fly down later this week. 

We appreciate your prayers:  

1. for peace in Bolivia, not only for our safety, but for those living and serving in the country. The great news is that God’s work has continued to move forward

2. that we would make our flight connections. We are flying a different route with less a chance of flights being canceled, but involves moving our own baggage between different airlines.

3. for God’s wisdom in teaching the literacy course to the missionary candidates, preparing them to work among tribal groups. Our hearts’ desire is not only to cover the technical details of literacy programs, but to leave a passion for the important part literacy plays in strong, mature tribal churches (and of course, it is all in Spanish!)

Thanks for your prayers as we jump through the windows God opens!